Suggested Event Types to Host

"Suggested Event Types to Host"So you want to host an event? And you want it to be something different. In addition to the typical events most organizations host (listed below), why not consider some alternative ideas for your next networking get-together.


More Traditional Events
Breakfast meetings
Dinner Meetings
Social or Cocktail Mixers
Business Card Exchanges – Business After-hours
Less traditional Events
Tech ‘n Tell – hosted by a vendor where the vendor is also the guest speaker and can give a demonstration
Tech ‘n Show – similar to above but with a hands-on component allowing guests to interact with the technology
Business Opening or Anniversary Celebration – make sure it is relevant to the types of programs you host
Cultural Events – not as good for a captive presentation but great for networking
Dinner Show – Guests can network before the event, and during intermission
Art or Museum Gathering
Most Performances where a private reception area is available for your guests to gather before and after the “show”
Mini Trade Show at a Country club, University, Auditorium, City Hall
Library – in a large auditorium – If the library is a public library, make sure it is okay to collect money at the door. In some situations, this is restricted.
Newspaper Venues – If you have a major newspaper in your community, chances are their venue can accommodate your group. Ask for a tour before or after your program.
Brown Bag It – Everyone brings lunch and you supply the drinks – you have a guest speaker and abbreviated business meeting. Generally held in large conference rooms.
Outdoors – Scavenger Hunt – Bricks ‘n Mortar companies with an Online presence – Give clues for guests to solve involving visits to various businesses in your community. The businesses can even be your sponsors and you can use them in your marketing
Historical Location – where the tourists go – An excellent way to reacquaint your guests with the local ambiance
Fashion Show – Host a GEEK to GQ or GEEK to Glamour event and ask ecommerce Company owners to be your models and sponsors. A fun event to host and show before pictures and after results with your live models
Awards – Geek, Technology Company of the Year, ECommerce Company of the Year, etc
Goddess Gatherings” – Small events hosted in your home inviting women who are not presently connected with one another to network and get to know each other. You provide the refreshments and have one or two vendors come to introduce their products and services
Afternoon Tea – Serve tea and deserts in an appropriate setting (in many parts of the world, there are “Tea Party Venues” delighted to work with you)
At a Manufacturing Plant or Plantation – Tea, coffee, pineapple, flower, etc.
Online Treasure Hunt – Find the treasure in every country. Find the site or figure out the countries or the website.
If you have an idea for an event, we want to know about it. Send your ideas to with Event Idea in the subject line. Let’s brainstorm together!
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