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Starting a Chapter

Chapters are organized groups of professionals based on geographic areas. This provides a local venue for individuals to be involved in Women in Ecommerce™ and to meet other professional women and men who have similar goals for growing their business on the web.

What it Means to be a Chapter Founder

As a Chapter Founder you will be the “face” of Women in Ecommerce™ (WECAI) in your community. You will be looked to for information and support from the local community of women (and men) who are interested in learning more about growing their businesses on the web, including social media and internet marketing. Being a Chapter Founder gives you a certain prestige not only in your community, in the overall community of Women in Ecommerce™. You will be listed on the WECAI website as the founder and go-to person for all media in your area as well as those interested in joining your chapter. As a Chapter Founder you will be part of the overall leadership team and as such, will have access to specialized training, news and information first-hand, even before our general membership does.

What is required to Start A Chapter

• You must be a Platinum or Lifetime Member of Women in Ecommerce™ before requesting to start a chapter.

• You must have a website, blog or other prominent web presence (such as a listing on a company website to which you are employed, and/or strong social media presence).

• Agree to the terms and new chapter policy of the organization found in the Chapter Formation and Management eGuide. These terms are sent to prospective Chapter leaders upon request.

• Select a Chapter name. An acceptable chapter name would be the city/county or community you represent.

• You must have four (including yourself) registered Women in Ecommerce members (two must be Platinum level- including yourself, two can be either Gold or Silver level members) to join the chapter before submitting a new chapter request. If you are not a current member, you can join here: https://wecai.org/join-us/

How to Get Started

• After complying with the requirements above, fill out and submit the request to start a new chapter (click here for New Chapter Formation Application – right click and save to your computer)

• The Founder of Women in Ecommerce™ will contact you to answer any questions you/she may have.

• Submit a Chapter Agreement Form which outlines the specifics of “running a chapter”, including how monies are processed for each chapter.

• Upon approval, and Chapter Partnership Agreement Form has been signed by the International Office and New Chapter Formation leader, a Paypal invoice will be sent for the $100 (US) chapter registration fee. Annual Renewal fee is $75 (US).

• After payment is received, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to get your chapter leadership, meetings and members listed on the International website.

•  You will be assigned an International Liaison to help you with the Chapter Formation which can include a site visit (if appropriate and feasible),  guidance on overall meeting structure, programming, publicity and more.

• Review the International By-laws and Chapter Policies and Procedures which are included in the Chapter Formation and Management eGuide to familiarize yourself with our organization.

• Review the sample chapter bylaws, host your first meeting and appoint/elect officers. The Chapter Formation and Management eGuide covers this in more detail.

• Chapter will be considered officially sanctioned once you have a minimum of 20 members (can be a combination of Silver, Gold and Platinum members with a minimum of 50% being either Gold or Platinum). Dues are split between the chapter and national organization based upon number of members and geographic location which is discussed at the beginning of the formation process.

• Chapters are required to keep their Contact information and Events Pages updated and current.

Chapter and Leaders Receive:

• Chapter Pages and Listing on the International Website and quarterly events (via teleconference, webinar and skype) and additional features to connect with leaders from other chapters and the International organization.

• A portion of the dues to run the chapter at the local level.

• International Publicity and Visibility, tools to promote your new chapter including press releases and local contacts from women (and men) interested in joining your chapter.

• Advanced Leadership training from other members and Faculty of WeCademy (a new initiative of Women in Ecommerce™)

For more information, contact Heidi Richards Mooney at Heidi (at) wecai.org. Please include “Interested in Chapter Formation” in the subject line.