Women in Ecommerce™ Monday Resource is a cool website tool called Ta-Da-Lists

According to their site: Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. With Ta-da List you can make all types of lists for yourself. And you can share them with others.

According to USA Today “Ta-da List is a Hot Site of the Day!

With Ta-da List you can create your own lists, assign lists to other people, share lists, subscribe via RSS, and more.

Isn’t it a great feeling to check something off your liste when it is done.  With Ta-da List you just check a box and the to-do is marked DONE!

Need a grocery list, a follow up list, a to-do list, a client list, favorites list, task list…? You can make a List for anything and everything.

When you need, you can Share your lists with friends, family, spouses, collaborators, co-workers, or not. If you are working on a project with one or more people, share your list!  Planning an event with family or friends, share your list. Don’t want to share your list… then don’t!

Ta-da List is known as the worlds fasted to-do list creator. It is an easy to use effective time-management tool to help you get things done!

Ta-da List works in the most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer IE, Firefox 2, and Safari 2. It works on the Mac, a PC, and the iPhone too!

And it’s easy to sign up (only takes 10 seconds)

Go ahead and sign up for your FREE Ta-da List account here: http://123.tadalist.com/account/new

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