"How to Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level"Content marketing is likely the most important type of marketing that your business can ever engage in. Without content marketing your business will not make a very big stride toward creating an effective online presence. Today, more than ever, having engaging, informative, relevant and useful content for your market is an imperative due to the fact that search engine technology has changed so much. Not only that – you need to have a continuous stream of content in perpetuity.

It may seem completely overwhelming to have to produce content perpetually. But, in this report you’ll learn many ways to create content for marketing your business, products and/or services. You’ll learn how to come up with ideas for content and keep the ideas coming. In addition, you’ll learn how to repurpose content so that you can get more out of each piece of content that you create. Finally, you’ll learn how to market your content in a way that will bring you more traffic and more business.


When it comes to content, there is a lot more to it than just blog posts. There are many different types of content, and as you move forward with your content marketing strategy you should consider using as many different types of content in your marketing as you can.

By mixing up the types of content that you create for marketing purposes, you create a situation where everything builds upon the other. Plus, it makes it more interesting for your audience, which will make your marketing that much more sticky.

Some of the types of content you have to choose from are:

1     Annual reports

2     Apps

3     Articles (on and off your website)

4     Blog posts (on and off your website)

5     Books (eBooks and print)

6     Branded content

7     Case studies

8     Charts

9     Infographics

10  Magazines (online and offline)

11  Mobile content

12  Newsletters (online and offline)

13  Online and offline events

14  Online presentations (slideshare.com )

15  Podcasts

16  Print content (offline print)

17  Researched reports

18  Social media

19  Syndicated content

20  Videos (YouTube.com)

21  Virtual conferences

22  Webinars

23  White papers


There are probably items on the list that you didn’t initially realize were content that can help you market your business. By creating a variety of types of content you keep your readers interested, plus you attract different aspects of your target audience based on how they like to learn about your topic.

Some people prefer video, others prefer text. Some love listening to podcasts on iTunes in their car. By offering many different ways for your audience to ingest your content, you are going to bring in more of your target audience.

You don’t really have to create every single type of content listed, but by trying to create as many different types as possible you’ll appeal to your audience better. Both your current audience and the new people you attract will appreciate the variety.

Regardless of what type of content you choose to use for marketing, it’s important that it’s relevant to your audience, engaging, informative, and asks your audience to do something – called a call to action (CTA). If you’re telling compelling stories, you’ll never really have to worry about whether or not you’re interesting to your audience. Because you will be.