Here are the Women in Ecommerce™ Top Picks for Technology This Week

Top 10 Tips for Local Search Engine Optimisation

Don’t miss out on local search results; they’re your next customers. Here’s 10 tips to help you capture them:

1. Claim your Google Places listing – it’s easy to do and if one doesn’t exist for your business then you can quickly and simply create one. What is it? A Google Places listing is effectively a profile attached to Google’s local search results. It is important because Google ranks these profiles above all others in their new first page local search results.
2. Add pictures to your Google Places listing. The effectiveness of your Google places listing is impacted by its completeness. Images will not only flesh out your listing, but when they appear in the search results, besides your Google Places listing, they are eye-catching and attractive which will increase clicks.
3. Gather citations – citations are instances on the web where your business is mentioned, Google uses the consistency of the information it finds and the authority of the referring site to boost your rank in local search engine results. The quality as well as volume of citations is an important factor in local search engine optimisation. Read more at

What’s Next for Foursquare?

Speaking at All Things Digital’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference on Tuesday, Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley offered a number of tidbits about what might be next for the company’s product and business.
While Foursquare continues to gain traction with big brands, Crowley ultimately sees the company’s main business as serving local merchants and “build[ing] software that makes people’s experience in the real world better.”
Continuing, Crowley said, “I think the business model is being able to create and sell tools to local merchants that they’ve never had before.” That started with the (free) analytics tools the company revealed earlier this year, but several years down the line, it could mean merchants having screens that tell them the loyalty levels of each individual customer and acting accordingly.
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Put this on your daily “to-do” list: Who Can I Send Business Today?
Every day, think about how you’re going to feed the people in your network who make things happen. In Boston, I’m on the lookout for ways to send the Colonnade Hotel business, becauseChristopher Lynn has supported a lot of the local social media scene. With regards to speaking, I’m looking to share gigs I can’t take with speakers I have worked with in the past (don’t mail me and offer. I’ll send them your way at some point). When I listen to people talking about their needs and interests, I listen with my own ears but also with the ears of feeding my network.
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When’s the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts?

Of all the data analysis that I’ve done, day-of-week and time-of-day data has been consistently the most popular. So in preparation for my upcoming webinar, titled Science of Blogging, I decided to combine all of my existing data on timing with my new research into one master post on the subject.

The first time I looked at blog post timing was when I was analyzing retweets. I found that retweets exhibit a strong diurnal pattern, in that they’re more common during the day and less so at night. I noticed that retweet activity tended to peak around 4pm EST, suggesting that this might be the best time to tweet a blog post for maximum potential retweet reach. Read More at