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Check out the TWEETONOMICS – Sprint Firsts in the Twittersphere Video on YouTube by Jeremy Gutsche of Trendhunter.

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How to Use Social Media to Unite Lonely Consumers, Build Brand Loyalty
The current burst in social-media use seems to address a fundamental human need: the need to interact with other people. While it may seem that sitting online leads to less human interaction, consumers actually feel they are more connected to people than they were before they joined social networks. Read more at Advertising Age

Check out the 50 unique geek accessories at Trendhunter

You’re the Boss: Seven Steps to Managing Your Online Reputation The You’re the Boss blog, which is about running a small business, takes a look at how B&H, the online electronics store, manages its customer service department.

A camera-store salesman recently steered me away from the compact, ultra-high-tech camera I thought I wanted. Smaller is fine, he told me, but only if it fits in your pocket — any bigger will end up hanging from your shoulder anyway, so what’s the advantage? And don’t buy based on fancy features, he added; the differences between comparable models rarely result in better pictures for amateurs. The one feature you’ll really appreciate, he said, is how the camera feels in your hand. Read more at New York Times  

4 ways keywords can drive your blog’s editorial calendar
Create valuable content and your customers will thank you. Create content that is valuable and visible and you’ll land more customers. Finding the “right” content for your blog is critical to generating visibility and building business. So how does one create the most effective content for a company’s blog? The answer may lie in your keywords. Read more at SmartBlogs

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