The Leaders and Experts of Women in Ecommerce™ understand how difficult it can be to run an online business; especially one you are trying to get people to shop online and monetize your virtual business. So we have come up with 10 Tips to help you be more successful in your online business. Here they are:

1. Apply the same discipline to your virtual online business as you would to a brick and mortar

2. Treat your online customers the same as you would if you encountered them face to face (that’s assuming you treat all customers as VIP’s)

3. Use modern technology and customer data to give each customer a personalized shopping experience.

4. Use technology wisely – if the latest technology slows down your process, integrate it slowly.

5. Even when pricing is your competitive advantage, make sure you create a convenient online shopping experience for your customer.

6. Stay top of minds with your customers and prospects by marketing wisely with SEO, targeted ads, pay per click, etc.

7. Make sure there is a human side to your virtual business – make it easy for the customer to contact a “live” person or receive a swift response from a live person when necessary.

8. Go with the flow –stay abreast of trends and be ready to change the course of business when the time is right – this will either keep you in line with the competition or way ahead.

9. Provide a variety of payment options on your ecommerce site. Make the virtual buying process easy as possible.

10. Your online marketing should work in tandem with your offline efforts to further promote your business and get your message across to your target audience.

And finally, make sure your CONTENT draws the type of clients you are looking for. Your content should compel people to take action, whether it be to visit specific pages, to leave their contact info, buy something or any combination of these things. Don’t leave the customer experience to chance, because chances are it won’t give you the desired outcome which is to increase your database and/or SELL SOMETHING!