The EducateHERs™ Network

About This Project

The EducateHERs™ Network is a powerful resource built on the premise of a mastermind – that two heads are better than one, that two minds equal the power of three and that together we can learn more exponentially than we can individually.

Comprised of  top trainers, coaches and consultants around the globe, the purpose ofThe EducateHERsNetwork is to to teach our members valuable business lessons to grow business, expand connections, increase brand awareness and more.

Topics we will be covering include: 

  • Ecommerce, shopping carts, credit card processing, paypal, square, etc.

  • Video marketing

  • Location based marketing

  • Social media marketing (cover a different channel each week)

  • Content marketing – creation, curation

  • Blogging

  • Website Design

  • And More!

To see the full list of topics we will be covering and to apply to be part of The EducateHERs Network, visit:


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