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Heidi Richards Mooney

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Women in Ecommerce™ Announces Newest Initiative, The EducateHers™ Network Online Learning Center


Fort Lauderdale, FL (November 11, 2015) — Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce™ announces their latest initiative, The EducateHERs™ Network and online learning center designed to help women do more business on the web and increase their expertise in today’s global marketplace.

The EducateHERs™ Network is a powerful resource built on the premise of a mastermind – that two heads are better than one, that two minds equal the power of three and that together we can learn more exponentially than we can individually. The faculty of this new network will share their expertise, knowledge and experience with our members for the purpose of substantially cutting their learning curve in areas related to doing business on the web.

According to Ms Richards, “Comprised of  top trainers, coaches and consultants around the globe, the purpose of The EducateHERs™Network is to to teach our members valuable business lessons to grow business, expand connections, increase brand awareness and more. Topics we will be covering include: ecommerce (shopping carts, credit card processing, paypal, square, etc.), Video marketing, Location based marketing, Social media marketing among many others. A new topic will be covered each week. All content will be delivered to members via an online learning webinar system such as and Go To Webinar. Members unable to attend live events will have access to new session archives as they are processed. The schedule of events will be published in late December 2015/early January 2016.”

She goes on to say, “Why be a member of the Women in Ecommerce™ faculty? The faculty will be able to showcase their own business acumen to women eager to learn and grow their business without all the pain of learning the ‘hard way,’ through trial and error. Details and schedule of each course will be published on the website, shared on social media (reach 73,000+) and via email marketing.  Faculty may also submit content to our blog, newsletter and digital magazine to further promote their other products and services.”

Applications for Faculty Members will be open December 1st. All faculty members are required to be Platinum or Lifetime Members ofWomen in Ecommerce™. Faculty members will be listed on our roster of subject matter experts as well each have a page on the Women in Ecommerce™ website that includes their bio, photo, topic areas and upcoming classes as well as link to their own websites and social media channels.

About Women in Ecommerce™: For more than 14 years, Women in Ecommerce™ has been helping women do business on the web by providing educational events, seminars, webinars, conferences and teleclasses via our website and social media platforms. We have a diverse membership of women from all walks of life representing 54 countries worldwide. Our members are work-at-home moms, professionals, educators, etailers, retail businesses, direct sales representatives, affiliate marketers, online sales professionals, auction site sellers and resellers, web designers, and other technology experts.

For women interested in learning how to effectively manage their time on social media and do MORE business on the web, visit the Women in Ecommerce™ website at today!

To learn more about The EducateHERs™ and/or to apply to be part of the faculty (on December 1, 2015), visit: