Today, many industries are operating online, and those that aren’t are falling behind. The pandemic has forced businesses to rethink; many have turned to the internet in times when physical contact is reduced to a minimum. Now post lockdown, companies may be choosing to continue with a mainly online presence and cut costs on physical overheads. With the internet being accessible to 4.5 billion people worldwide, it is vital businesses consider website translation services  to improve the accessibility of their website.

Sergio Afonso, linguistics expert and founder of AbsoluteTranslations  has shared his expertise on how website translation services can widen your audience and make your website inclusive for anybody.

1) Widen your audience

Whichever area of the world you are aiming to target, you want to ensure your website content is accessible for multilingual users. An accurately translated website provides better readability for the user and will allow them to not feel alienated. This is especially important for businesses who are looking to expand beyond customers with English as their first language. Potential customers can be lost if they discover your site, and it has no text they can understand.

2) Localisation of your website text

Distinct languages and dialects have slightly different ways of saying certain things; it is far more complex than just translating word for word. Each word needs to be translated and adjusted to fit context for local laws or cultural norms. Improving localisation of your text allows for a better user experience and will increase your web traffic from international search engines. This is vital if you want to sell goods and services worldwide.

 3) Shipping internationally

Many businesses cater to foreign crowds by offering international shipping and a range of currency options. However, they still operate on an English-only model. By offering native languages, you can connect with the customer base on a personal level and increase the chances of landing a sale.

4) International SEO

A successful online business incorporates a strong international SEO strategy. A local (geographic) presence can only take you so far. A company should be aware of the global search trends and use this information to their advantage. The better your SEO, the more targeted traffic you will receive. Keeping control of the strategy can attract potential customers and advance conversations with potential stakeholders. Doing globally specific keyword research by region, as well as optimizing your content and site structure accordingly can deliver great rewards.

5) Increase the time spent on a website

Google analyses the time a user spends on a translated website as the potential user engages with all the content, including each page and document. If you have a long visit, it is likely that the user has found what he or she needs. This means that translated content not only offers great SEO benefits to international businesses but also provides a better user experience.