"A Day with the Masters Marketing Mastery Conference 2014"Do you feel like there is just not enough time to get everything you need to do done in your business each day?

 Sure, you want to try out new marketing techniques and you know that by focusing on marketing your business,you could potentially double or even triple your revenue this year.

But with all of the different marketing avenues–social media, PR, direct, online, content, podcasting. etc.--to choose from, where do you start? And how on earth do you not only fit marketing your business into an already packed day but also execute it successfully?

The fact is your marketing funnel begins with YOU. If you feel stressed, unmotivated and simply overwhelmed, it will be impossible for you to implement the marketing strategies that can take your business to the next level.

You need a PLAN.

At the Day with the Masters: Marketing Mastery 2014 Conference on April 25th, 2014 at the Broward Convention Center, we will be providing you with the marketing mastery blueprint you need to start seeingdramatics results in your business.

We have decided to bring in the best marketing experts in the world. Our Masters include:

 *JB Glossinger: An internationally known speaker, author, coach and consultant who will provide the motivation and energy for you to achieve your marketing goals and create the life and organization you desire.

 *Bob Burg: A highly sought-after speaker and Best Selling Author of Endless Referrals and the Go Giver. Bob has shared the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

 *Kathleen Gage: The “no-nonsense, common sense” speaker, author, product creation specialist and owner of the highly successful company, “Power Up for Profits.” Kathleen helps entrepreneurs make money online.

*Susan Lassiter-Lyons: Founder of The Profit Insights specializes in designing online sales funnels so that you have leads and sales coming in automatically. Susan helps business owners  grow, scale and optimize. Using the same online marketing automation strategies she advocates and use in The Profit Insights, Susan has acquired more than 8,000 customers and grown to a 7-figure business.

 *Heidi Richards Mooney: Founder and CEO of Women in Ecommerce, an Internet Marketer and Social Media Trainer. She works one-on-one with authors, inventors and small business owners to help them maximize their time on social media channels across the web.

*Christina Rowe: Author, Internet Marketing, Branding & PR Specialist  shows business owners how to zoom in and target their desired clients on social media and build profitable groups and connections that convert into new business and sales.


You will immerse yourself in their knowledge and expertise as they share with you their marketing secrets.

These masters will present you with real solutions to problems business face every day in various areas of marketing:

*Social Media Marketing

*Online Marketing

*Video Marketing

*Content Marketing

*And more!


Imagine if you were given a marketing compass that could point you in the right direction and provide you with a map to take your business exactly where you want it to be this year?

No more wasted time, money and effort trying out new marketing tactics that lead to a dead end. You will be provided with master lessons in marketing that will change the way you market your business forever.

We want you to experience real and tangible results from having attended A Day with the Masters: Marketing Mastery 2014 Conference. That is why we are offering a limited special discount on tickets for the first 50 people who reserve their seat now:

 Regular tickets (97.00) include a buffet lunch and are only 77.00 

V.I.P. tickets (197.00) include a private luncheon with the Masters and preferred seating and are only 147.00

 Reserve your place now at:


 We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

 Christina and Heidi