Attracting your dream clients comes down to knowing your value, knowing who needs it, and communicating your value with the people who need it in a genuine and intelligent way. This starts with writing your about page. Your about page needs to focus on who your ideal client is, what problems you solve (solutions you provide) and why your ideal client should hire you.

Write ABOUT YOUR Ideal Client

Who is your target audience? 

This is your ideal client. The one you work best with.Make sure your About page is geared toward that person . Keep your ideal client in mind a s you write. 

Why should your ideal client do business with you? 

Expand on your tagline and explain in more detail what your business is about. 

What value do you provide your ideal client? 

Will you solve a problem? Help your ideal client achieve a goal? Will she/he be educated, inspired, motivated, entertained? 


What are you known for? Want to be known for? How do you Influence Others?

Do you have specific  expertise? Years of experience? Have you been featured on other sites? Have you written a book? Been recognized by others (awards, commendations). Do you have educational credentials that your target audience looks for when hiring someone with your expertise/experience?

How does your credibility help your target audience/ideal client?  How will you help them solve their problems or reach their goals ?

Share a little about yourself and your life

What will your target audience relate to? What are some facts that make you interesting and unique?  How do you stand out in your industry?


Are you going to include graphics, photos, presentations, videos?

Contact Info 

Will you include contact info on your About page? Or link to your Contact page?  Make sure your contact info is easy to find and don’t make them go looking for it! 


Where should visitors go from here? 

What posts should she read first? Should she visit your “Work With Me” page? Your Products/Services page? Read your blog? If the latter, be specific and suggest 2 or 3 articles relevant to the topic your promoting on your about page.

Call to Action 

What next step or specific action do you want visitors to take? Sign up for your news letter?  Download your free resource? Follow you on social media?  Tell her/him. Use links, buttons, sign up forms to make it easy for make it easy for your visitor to act.

Members of Women in Ecommerce can log into the member area and download Your About Page Planner and Worksheet where we go into greater detail about designing the ideal about page including extra things you may not have thought of. We also include a list of in-depth questions to get your mind focused on the things that will matter most to your ideal client.