As you work to create and market your website there are a few things you want to avoid for websites that are specifically service based websites. If you’re marketing your website to promote your service based business these are the last things you want on your website.

  • Ads – Don’t put other people’s ads on your website. You don’t want to distract your visitors away from your website. If you want to recommend other products and services to your audience you can, but you will want to do that via email marketing or on a special resources page on your website.
  • All About You – Avoid making the website all about you. It’s always all about your audience. It’s about their needs and their wants and their problems. If you can make your website about them more than you then you’ll have a winning combination. But if you have wedding pictures and non-relevant things on your site, it will not help you get more clients.
  • Distractions – Try to keep your colors from being retina burners and the blinking things off your website. Don’t put a lot of pictures that aren’t related to your offerings on your website. Don’t make your side bars too flashy. The fewer distractions you create the easier it will be for your audience to determine what you want them to do.
  • Music – No one likes going to a website and having to listen to music while they’re trying to focus on what they’re reading. If you want to put a video that’s okay but make it so that your audience starts the video themselves.

It might seem unfair, but you can’t make your business website look like your home and decorate it the way you want it. You must keep in mind that you are there to give information to your audience about how you can solve their problems. Keep clear in your mind what the job of your website is. It’s to attract your ideal audience and get them to become your client.


It’s inescapable how important your website is for getting clients. Your website is truly the center of your online marketing. Everything starts with your website and ends with your website. With that in mind, you want to put most of your content on your website and let other content you place elsewhere lead back to your website. 

A website offers low cost advertising and marketing, increases your visibility, and makes you accessible to your audience. Thus, enabling you to get more clients and make more sales. Thankfully with the help of self-hosted WordPress you can build a professional looking website easily and effectively without being an expert at creating websites. You simply need the right type of hosting, a good business domain name, and a website that speaks to your audience to get started.

Take these steps to get started now:

  • Buy a Domain Name – A good place to buy a domain name is WECAIDomains or 
  • Purchase Hosting – Good hosts include , and .
  • Download WordPress – Wait until you have your hosting and follow their instructions for installing WordPress. You can also find information about that here .
  • Choose a Theme – There are numerous themes that you can use for free in the dashboard of your WordPress installation. Plus there are premium themes like Elegant themes.
  • Find or Create Relevant Images – Read my article on 76 Free and Copyright Free Stock Image Sites
  • Create Copy for Each Page – Learn about copywriting for your website, and hire someone if you need to.
  • Market your Page – Use SEO, social media marketing, and blogging to get the word out about your website.
  • Collect Information – Use , ConvertKit SendInBlue and other tools to help you collect information and build an email list.