Join Women in Ecommerce™ for this free Teleclass: Protecting Your Business: What you Must Know about Trademark, Copyrights and Patents to Run Your Business Online with Lauren Perez, President of LVP Solutions, LLC

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About this session: So you have an internet business. Now what? Whether it be a brick and mortar, brick and click (offline and online) or totally virtual you know there are “rules” to running a business. And intellectual property is a huge part of both. Since Content Trumps Almost Everything online (Content is King Queen) then you must know what you are allowed to do with that content. Where you can get the content, how you can use the content, how you can protect your content and much more. By knowing your rights and the rights of others online you can keep your website free from legal issues and create a totally unique experience for YOUR Audience. And ultimately do more business on the web.

In this session Lauren will discuss:

1. The difference between a trademark, copyright and patent

2. Why you should register your Copyright, what is (and is not) protected by copyright;  what is a “work made for hire or assignment”  what is (and is not) protected by copyright; and use of material from others (fair use or not?).

3. Liability for invasion of rights of privacy – disclosure of private facts; false light (libel/slander); rights of publicity.

4. The Legal Pages that are required to do business on the web and what to include in those pages.

5.  What you can do if you find someone infringing on your copyrights/trademarks, etc.

6. How you can protect your websites.

7. The current trends/legislative or international IPR initiatives that are pending that may impact upon ecommerce in the near future

About our Guest Expert: Lauren V. Perez, President of LVP Solutions™, enjoys over 20 years’ experience working to protect intellectual property rights (IPR) and facilitate free trade in branded goods. For nearly 14 years, Lauren worked with Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., an international law firm with a focus on international trade and customs, overseeing both its IPR and Regulatory Affairs practice areas, serving as both a Principal and Vice President – even without being an attorney. Lauren has been a registered lobbyist in Washington, DC as an advocate on IP related matters, has testified before the U.S. Congress and various federal governmental agencies on IP legislation and agency rulemaking issues impacting treaty negotiations and U.S. businesses, has managed a powerful trade association, written several articles on IPR issues and has helped structure the IP portfolios for major companies and small entrepreneurs alike. During the summer of 2010, Lauren opened her own consulting firm, LVP Solutions (LVPS™). LVPS™ works with companies of all genres and size to better protect and market their business assets through The Information Investment™. The Information Investment™ ensures that business owners know what they need to know about IPR and regulatory compliance to more cost-effectively and “smartly” control costs, effectively compete in an overly regulated and litigious global marketplace, and enjoy measurably increased ROI. To learn more about Lauren and LVP Solutions, please visit

Location: Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3840 Access Code: 361467#

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