Women in Ecommerce™ is all about content. Content Creation, Content Sharing, Content Leveraging, Content, Content, Content. WE know that when it comes to building and maintaining a web presence “Content is Queen” (or as some of our male counterparts would attest, Content is King). But you get the point. Next to Building Relationships, Content is paramount to online success. That does not mean you have to have tons of content (althought it couldn’t hurt), but you do have to have the right content; content that resonates with your audience. In this article: A Website Content Writing Service Can Transform Your Content From Flop To Phenomenal by Teresa Tackett, the author talks about how to use a writing service to transform your content.


Does your website lack interest and sparkle? A website content writing expert can transform the written words on your pages into content that sparks interest and magnetizes visitors to remain on your site. You don’t need dull, flat words that put people to sleep! Make it pop, make it sizzle, make it catch their interest to where the only option they have is to keep reading. With content like that, you can bet your site will convert, sales will go up, and targeted traffic will return again and again.

Website content writing is a skill that not every writer has. Truthfully, there is a little story telling and SEO knowledge involved in the process. People love to read information that they feel is offered especially to them. They want value, and they want help with whatever problem they are having. Your pages must speak to them personally! This, along with perfectly intertwined keywords and search phrases, is what makes any online business successful. Your visitors must rely on you to provide them with what they want, and you have to give it to them.

Anyone can write content, but does it hypnotize the mind and create that urgency that make your visitors remain on your site? If targeted visitors arrive to find dull or uninteresting content, you can bet they won’t stay long enough to read the first two sentences. It is essential that you grab their attention from the very first word! Speak directly to your visitors, as if they are the only one that matters. To your visitor, they are the only one that matters at that time. Grab them from the first second, or your chance to gain them as a paying customer will be gone forever.

The point is, you want as many targeted visitors as possible to make your business as successful as it can be. In order to accomplish this, it’s essential that you please the needs of your visitor and the search engines as well. Ranking highly with the search engines will insure that you get loads of organic traffic – but your content must be written in a way that draws attention. Website content writing is an art form that few possess. Could your website use a facelift, and content that snaps all who visit to attention? Change the pulse of your business now! The story your website tells is the most important aspect of your entire business.

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If you are having trouble coming up with ideas or how to put your research to work for you, The Copywriting Workshop by Melissa Ingold is a great resource that will take your Content Copywriting to a new level.

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