Did you know that Google search results show not only webpages, but also images, videos, maps, audio, and other media (called “universal search”)? That includes photos and videos posted on Flickr.  Women in Ecommerce™ has a Flickr Account  and recommends it as this week’s Tuesday Tutorial to help you do more business and promote your business on the web.

In fact Flickr is a highly indexed website for photo (digital photography) and video sharing online for people who take photos with their cameraphones and other digital cameras. That means if you have a business that uses images of any kind to promote to your potential clients, you can  share them on Flickr to boost your online brand and increase search engine visibility. 

Each photo page you create on Flickr isindexed by the search engines which translates to increasing website traffic to those pages with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to your site.  And best of all, Flickr is FREE.
In this YouTube video tutorial you will learn how to open an account, how to upload your photos, name your photos and pages, and more. Flickr can help you attract new prospects for your business. 
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