So you have decided to create an Affiliate Marketing Website to sell your products and services. Establishing yourself in the affiliate marketing world is no easy task. However, once you have, the results can be rewarding both personally and financially. If you opt to create an affiliate marketing site to showcase and sell your own products you will need to know what to do to achieve the success you desire.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing consider doing so with a single product or a product “bundle” with more than one item included in one single price point. This is a good way to test the market and your site functionality. It is also important not to give your audience too many choices. If you study to gurus in affiliate marketing you will notice they sell one thing, per site.  That’s it. Easy for their visitors to make a decision. Now if the customer doesn’t buy, they might offer them an alternative at a lower price or a “piece of the product.” If the customer does buy, the affiliate marketer then has the opportunity to upsell to a higher price point and more advanced product offering. In fact, getting someone to buy at a low price point often leads to long-term buyers because if your product is perceived as high-value, people naturally want more of what you offer. 

Offering single items or bundles is often most successful for internet entrepreneurs who create Creating unique affiliate marketing sites for each item. Unique affiliate marketing sites allow for your prospects to focus highly on the certain product they need or want, or the niche in which that product belongs.


1. TO GET YOUR PROSPECTS TO FOCUS ON ONE PRODUCT. Your prospects probably landed on your page because they were specifically looking for your product. They are interested in learning more about the product, and that’s it. They are looking for a single solution and if you offer too many options they do nothing. Except leave the site in search of one that gives them the solution they are searching for.

Unique affiliate marketing sites are simple to maintain and establish: at most, a day or two to get everything (links, layout, entries, photos, etc…) right. You may be surprised at just how sites that focus on promoting a single product often bring in profits at a rate that far surpasses the time and effort spent in creating them. 

2. TO GET THEM TO FOCUS ON A CERTAIN GROUP OF PRODUCTS. Sometimes customers are looking for alternatives to a single product offering. This is especially true if they have already purchased a single item and are now looking for more advanced systems or solutions to their products.  By grouping similar products together in one unique affiliate marketing site, and offering them as a “bundle” you will have a greater chance of capturing the market and fulfilling the needs of your prospects. Keep in mind that  this type of affiliate marketing site often takes a lot longer to realize a profit, because the ticket item is higher.


It isn’t enough to know what kind of affiliate marketing site to establish. Even if your site caters to a single product or multiple ones, they have to have a certain qualities to ensure success. To turn visitors into customers your unique affiliate marketing site should be:

1. USER-FRIENDLY MEANS KEEP IT SIMPLE. Create affiliate marketing sites that users find easy to navigate. Keep links and buttons easy to find and peppered throughout the sales page or site. People make buying decisions differently. Some will buy after reading the first paragraph and others need a lot more communication (text or content) before clicking that “buy now” button.  One rule of thumb is to have a buy now button after every new thought or idea or each time a person must scroll down your page for more information (below the fold) and not just at the end of the page.

2. PROFESSIONAL LOOKING MEANS WELL-FORMATTED. Use a format or a layout that complements the product you are trying to sell. That means graphics, fonts, colors etc.  You would probably not create a site selling Harley Davidson’s that is filled with butterflies (unless they are butterfly tattoos on biker dudes and chicks).

3. BUILD YOUR MAILING LIST. Building a database or mailing list is almost as important as selling items on your site (and perhaps more important in the long run).  Having a side bar that offers a way for visitors to leave your their contact information is a must.  Those that are not ready to buy (and even those who are, often want to see what you have to offer before spending their cash). Where you place it on your site is also important.  Where does it make the most sense? Top right hand margin? After the sales content?  TEST a few different formats and see which one pulls the best response for your particular product or service.  Visitors are GOLD and having a way to stay in touch with them is important. You have spent your time, effort and money to create a site that works, make sure it really works. If not, you could be missing other opportunities to get in front of that same audience.

4. ORGANIZE AND CATEGORIZE YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS: If you are selling more than one product on your affiliate marketing website, make sure the products are well categorized. If they are marketed at different levels such as Basic, Moderate or advanced, you will want the navigation to make sense. Is there a natural “path” your visitors will follow to see which level of product they need now, next and in the future? Having simple navigation that shows your visitors what steps to take next will greatly increase your success and closing rates.

And lets not forget the profits!

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