Life is inevitable. You’ll always see some curveballs thrown at you. But, learning to strike them out of the park is what paves a path to success. Yes, facing these becomes relatively easy when you have a shoulder to rely on, a hand to clench. 

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they are never a weakness.” -Brene Brown

No matter what you’re dealing with- job change, career choice tiffs- a career coach works wonders in catering to them. 

When Should you Speak to a Counsellor?

Do you come across people who have no idea about what’s to be done with their life? They have no clear direction about their career path unless they come across a career coach. 

With the help of a professional, you get help, support, and guidance for fixing things and reaching your ultimate career goal. You can ask critical questions, seek advice, and overcome obstacles you face in your job search. 

When life gives you lemons, a coach helps you squeeze them and make lemonade. Thereby, when you have counsellors to help you with different problems. Then, all you’ve to do is reach out to them and see how they can improve your life. 

A career counsellor who works well in bestowing you with the opportunity of:

  1. Challenging and inspiring yourself to do the best
  2. Is there to support you in every professional step of your life
  3. He/she gives you feedback, backs you when times are tough while being honest and upfront about things
  4. Mentor holds you accountable for wrong career decisions.

Thus, it is no surprise that a career coach is your advocate, especially when you’re in doubt, stress, and fear. Some more ways in which a career guide helps you are:

  • Self-Exploration and Self-Discovery:

A counsellor provides you with the opportunity of learning more about your individualism. As a result, you tend to gain a greater understanding of your personality, strengths, values, and beliefs. With more awareness, you get insights into the world around you and your role in the ever-evolving problems.

After all, awareness is the first step towards change. The career counsellor also encourages you to embark on a personal journey towards growth and well-being. A mentor helps you establish realistic goals, discover solutions to problems and challenges, develop a sound plan of action, and build self-confidence. After all, motivation is the only thing that a job seeker needs for paving a path to success. 

  • Provides Validation and Support:

Counsellors strive to bestow you with a safe, warm, non-judgmental, and caring environment for clients to feel comfortable with personal matter disclosures. 

Three characteristics of counsellors include empathetic understanding, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. Therefore, it is a place where you don’t need to worry about being judged , put down, and ridiculed. You have the ease of validating your emotions, normalize situations, and gain assurance. 

The ongoing client/ coach relationship strengthens awareness. They evaluate what’s holding you back, or the possible roadblocks are getting in your path of moving forward without questioning you about your past actions. 

Once you’re a confident person, your efforts will channelize in the right direction, and you’ll reach the goal you’re targeting. 

  • Determines your Career Path:

The benefits of career counselling are hard to ignore. It is pretty standard for students and working professionals to be confused when selecting a career path for themselves. With such significant aspects in jobs today, a career coach can help you step in the right direction. He/she pinpoints the career you should lay focus upon. 

Having a professional advisor helps you decide the strengths and talents one needs to develop a solid career. Thereby, reap the benefits of career counselling whether you’re starting a new career or are in the midst of a job change!

  • Guidance in Purpose Search:

What is the most significant meaning in your life?

Well, the answer is unique to every person. However, those in existential crisis usually experience a loss of their identity- a loss that creates shallowness in your life. Therefore, setting foot to improve the essence of your life holds importance. 

Studies show that people can rediscover their passion, purpose, and meaning in life in numerous ways. These can be by the exploration of interests , beliefs, and values. Once students and working professionals know their greater purpose, they’ll find a career path that’ll provide them with a sense of fulfilment. Know that this will not only add money to their pockets but also peace in their lives. 

  • Learning Effective Skills for Life:

The number of skills that you can learn through counselling is infinite. And, the best part is that these are useful in one’s daily life. For example, these skills may relate to problem-solving, conflict resolution, and communication. 

With counselling, you can provide a safe environment to learn, practice and experiment skills much before applying them to real-life situations. In addition, career coaches may suggest certifications and courses that may add to their resume and aid them to land their dream job. 

What are the Tips for Choosing a Career Coach?

The selection of a career mentor must be a well-thought process. It is because this person will clench your hand to make essential decisions in your life. Know that they will not help you make more money but will also help you dwell in tranquillity. 

Are you wondering if you’ll be able to make a sound choice or not? Well, here are tips to make an informed decision:

  1. Search for advisors who specialize in the area who’s seeking help. These might be career path choice, interview preparation, resume writing, job search strategies, or networking. 
  2. Check out their website. Ensure going through the client testimonials, service offerings and coaching process. Think about the impression they’ve left on you and check if there’s a connection between what you’re looking for and what they’re offering. See how their coaching process differs from others in the same industry. 
  3. If the mentor says, they’re certified, ensure verifying it. Many coaches claim to have certification, but this fails to be accurate most of the time. If you’re putting money and effort into the consultation process, ensure leaping and consider verifying it. 

Bottom Line- How to Find a Career Coach for yourself?

Only you can determine the best-fit career coach for catering to your unique career choices. And, why not? You’re well aware of your needs and your expectations. 

Now that there are thousands of career coaches available, selecting the best one requires a little homework. Not all career coaches work similarly. Job-seekers, students, and even the non-job-seekers must have a clear understanding of having a career coach and the value hiring one brings to your table. Always ensure making an informed decision and don’t settle for just anyone. 

After all, it’s a matter of your career!

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