One of the things my team and I do every day is look for opportunities and easy ways to optimize our website and those of our members. WE also look for ideas that will save time and money for the Women in Ecommerce Membership site as well as other sites my members run.

The other day I received a message from this guy who runs many affiliate sites. He was sharing his story about how he had lots of visitors to his blogs but was not selling anything. So he decided to hire a programmer to create a WordPress plugin to help him close more sales. In fact, he stated that it cost him $2,240 to develop the plugin.

I believe him because Women in Ecommerce has also looked into having a custom plugin created and the prices we have received are anywhere from $1,200 to over $5,000!

After he added the plugin to his blogs, his visitors started staying on his sites longer and more importantly buying more products though his affiliate links. The icing on the cake… his Google traffic went up…

You can see the plugin in action and watch a demo video here:


– It shows a message window on your blog.

You can include in it text, images, videos,

HTML, optin forms etc…

– You can customize the colors, dimensions and placement of the window. You can also choose when to show this message for every of your blog visitors…

 – you can rotate up to three messages, and you can do this for every single post or page on your blog…

And you won’t pay nearly as much as he did. Right now the plugin is under $25 (under $50 for the developer’s license). A deal at even twice the price!


“Another great plugin that will add your very own personal touch to any post or page on your site”

“Simply and easily swap out your message so that your visitors are up to date with your latest news or offers”

“Adding links or opt-in forms are a snap”

“…a good fit as a part of the IM movement toward the social aspect (personalization and familiarity).”

“I have seen other plugins of this type, but none as attractive and easy as yours.”

“I’m using it on all my WordPress sites and I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a must have.”

Check out the plugin here:

This is known as a “dime sale” in internet marketing terms. That means the price goes up with every single sale. This goes for both the personal and the developer’s license… So grab it before its double the cost! You will be glad you did.

After you purchase, you will see an OTO (one-time offer) that is very different than any other you have seen before.

Basically, you will get to *choose* one of the creator’s other WordPress plugins (any one you want) for a really special price.

Be sure and take advantage of this great plugin. It is one of the best my team and I have seen in a long time and its very inexpensive for what it can do! In fact our web person told me she loves what it will be able to do for her clients and she cannot wait to purchase and use on several sites she manages.

Wishing you the best of luck with it!

BTW, Did you know that this plugin has a 10-times-your-money-back guarantee? Either it helps you make 10 times your investment back within 2 months of using it, or you pay nothing. The creator of the plugin is that confident in it. Check it out here:



Note: Women in Ecommerce is an affiliate of this product which means we will make a commission if/when someone makes a purchase. Thank you for your support! WE appreciate you…