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Contact: Heidi Richards
Women’s eCommerce Association, Int’l
Email: heidi@wecai.org

WE Magazine for Women – Our focus is on the Total Woman

Davie, FL (October 6, 2006), WE magazine for women is READY for the world to read. WE magazine for women may well be the first international Digital business magazine focusing on the total women. In addition to women who want to learn more about doing business on and off the WEB, WE’s audience consists of women who want to explore great destinations, improve their outlook on life, learn quick and easy ways to get and stay healthy, find out about the latest technology gadgets and information, become inspired as they read about women making a difference in the world and even ideas for great entertaining and socializing.

Read what some of our contributing authors have to say about WE:

“Wow. This is excellent – talk about over-delivering. When you said you were producing the magazine for some reason I thought it would be just a few pages long. This is such a fantastic resource with a really nice balance of articles. Just a great read. I’m so pleased you asked me to get involved!” – Louisa Bird, Founder, Women’s Marketing Forum.

“So many people talk about what a good idea it is to develop resources for women in business, Heidi and the WECAI team actually do it.” Lena L. West, CEO, http://www.xynoMedia.com

The difference between WE and other magazines for women are the stories of the women found in each issue. These women are not necessarily “household names” around the globe or even in the country in which they reside. According to Heidi Richards, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief “WE will focus on women who are making a difference in their part of the world – in many cases unsung heroines. The professions and people these women represent crosses a multitude of industries and geographic locations. The articles are written by women. With one exception. WE has a Column entitled ‘In His Words,’ and will feature contributing editors from around the globe who support and promote the work women do and in many cases work along side.”

Other regular features in WE include Spotlights on the women behind the various global organizations to which they belong, international business etiquette, and more. Although the theme of each issue will be different, the focus will remain the same – that of the total woman be her an executive, professional or business woman.

While many magazines tout substantive content, WE plans to deliver it! The first issue of WE includes:

· BE Heard the First Time – by Susan Miller of Washington, DC

· The Passion of the Choice by Betty Dobson of Canada

· Women’s Ways of Mentoring by Catherine Seton of WomensMentoring.com.au
in Australia

· 5 Must-Tell Messages to Prepare the Kids for Your Divorce by Rosalind
Sedacca of Florida

· The Destination Diva (our Cover Story) featuring Linda Pereira of Portugal

· Spotlight on European Women in Management Development

· and several more!

The wide-range and diversity of subjects will help WE achieve our mission to focus on the Total Woman. Our Fall Issue is only the beginning. Our plans for WE include going from digital media to print in 2007 or sooner. To review the fall issue visit: https://s3.amazonaws.com/WEMagazine/wemagazinepremierissue.pdf

WE are currently seeking advertisers and investors to make that goal a reality. To attract the right mix of advertisers and supporters, there will be a few hundred commemorative issues printed. According to Richards, “We’re confident that this will be the catalyst to expand our reach, achieve our vision and cement our brand in the minds of our readers.”

We magazine for women is published by WUN Publications, Inc. a publishing firm whose focus is on publications by, for and about women. WUN Publications is a member of the WECAI Network™- whose mission is to “Help Women do Business on and Off the WEB.” WE magazine is one of many tools and organizations to help the WECAI Network™ to fulfill that mission. To contact the publisher, write Heidi Richards at P.O. Box 550856, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355-0856, call her at 1-877-WISDOM7 (947-3667) or visit: www.wecai.org .

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