Every time you create something, whether it’s for a client, a project bid, a new marketing endeavor, or even just for fun… you’re planting the seeds for hundreds of web articles. Why you should repurpose content: creating ways to reuse content you have previously created has a number of benefits including: REACHING A NEW AUDIENCE: reformatting content in different formats helps people resonate with the type of content they enjoy. RESHARING POPULAR CONTENT THAT PEOPLE PREVIOUSLY ENJOYED. Like a favorite book, movie or event, re-experiencing previous content ensures that certain content is remembered. MAKING THE MOST OF THE CONTENT YOU CREATE: gives people who missed the content the first time around the opportunity to watch, read, listen and otherwise experience it. Just imagine all of the articles that can spring forth from things like:
  • writing drafts that weren’t used-old website content or blog posts that you ended up scrapping
  • current ebook and special report projects – use the table of contents as the outline for a quick article encapsulating the content.
  • eBooks that you once published which are now out of date (at least some of the info has to be relevant still!)
  • samples you created for job bids that didn’t pan out
  • creative projects that you never finished
  • other articles
  • Video and Audio programs – transcribe them and use the transcription for a blog article (or several). Use a tool like http://www.360converter.com/ to transcribe your programs.
  • PowerPoint presentations – pull out informative content from your presentations and write a “how-to” article – then use that article to promote the presentation
  • ecourses – similar to the above, you can use content from your courses to create articles that will benefit the reader AND promote upcoming courses
Just make sure that in reworking old content, you aren’t violating any Nondisclosure Agreements you may have established with other people, and that you aren’t plagiarizing already published content. No mater the format you create for your content, be sure to share it on social media to make the most of the efforts you have made in repurposing it.

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