“[Computing] is just a fabulous place … because it’s a place where you don’t have to be a Ph.D. or anything else. It’s a place where you can still be an artisan. People are willing to pay you if you’re any good at all, and you have plenty of time for screwing around.
Alan C. Kay former fellow at Apple Computer Inc.1972 Rolling Stone article

That statement has never been truer! Computers and the Internet have certainly leveled the playing field for large and small businesses.  You can look larger than life online even if you are only renting a small 400 square-foot office or even work from your home. The Internet also offers you many opportunities to grow into the Larger-than-Life image you can create because every day there are ways to increase your business, increase your following and increase your knowledge. It truly is amazing.

In fact many of our members started out as one or two person operations and have grown to a larger workforce, giving the economy a shot in the arm. One such person is Rosana Santos of Big Chef . She is an award winning business-owner who is helping her community by continuing to grow her business and hire new staff. She and her company have been on almost every major media in South Florida and several others in the US and Brazil.  According to Rosana, “I believe all female entrepreneurs can make a difference and improve the quality of life for their employees and their families while contributing to the community” (quoted from La Prensa – a bi-lingual newspaper serving communities living and working in San Antonio and surrounding areas in Bexar County, Texas). Rosana is active in dozens of local, national and virtual communities and serves as President-Elect of Women in Ecommerce™ South Florida Chapter.  Kudos to her! Stop by her business online , visit her on Facebook and tell her congratulations!

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