What’s Your Word for 2012?

On several forums this month the discussion has centered around this very topic. The topic being, choosing a word for the year. For some, the word was “hope” “commitment,” opportunity,” “present,” “vibrant” and so forth. It was an interesting discussion. Some people struggled with their word, others said, they didn’t choose their word, it chose them. And I too feel my word chose me. It is a word I often use and really resonate with. My word is Elan… it means “a feeling of strong eagerness, inspired by passion or enthusiasm ~ a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste.” In fact, Elan has been my word for several years now.  

Another word that comes to mind is RENEWAL. Because the New Year is suppose to be the promise of renewal, a renewed sense of excitement, anticipation and growth. And if the past three+ years have taught us anything, it is that we have to plan better for our own futures. So many people have suffered great losses of time, talent, treasure and even life. That is why we are given the present and possibly a future. I have never been one to look back or dwell on the past. After all, it is the past. We can remember it, be nostalgic for it and even get a feeling of warmth or sadness over what has happened in the past. But we cannot change the past. So today I look at 2012 and am filled with ELAN and a renewed sense of better things to come. 

What about you? What are your words for 2012? 

And with that I am excited to announce that our new site is live. Thanks to Charly Leetham and her brilliant team atAskCharlyLeetham.com . You can read the post I wrote about it “Membership has it’s privileges .” While the site is no where near complete, it is functioning much better than it has in several years. And when you login to the backend you will see a new member dashboard with links to our Communities, Resources and Training. Be sure and check it out. 

In addition, we are redoing our Global Directory and invite you to submit a listing (if you have not already done so). We plan to promote this across several channels including social media and more. Go ahead, its FREE. 

And finally, we have crossed paths with so many amazing women in the past few months. Several of which have joined us as either Platinum or Lifetime members. They are listed inside this issue. 

Be sure and check out our Members in the news,Resources section, Recommended reading and of course,Events. Lots happening both internally in Women in Ecommerce AND with our members. 

Thank you for your support and friendship. We expect great things in 2012 for each of you.  May this be the beginning of your best year EVER. Happy New Year! 

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