What’s New Fall 2018

What’s New Fall 2018

Here are the latest Women in Ecommerce Resources – Lots of new tools for September/October 2018 – to help our Members do “more business on the web.” Visitors can scroll to the end for a FREE RESOURCE just for stopping by.

SALES FUNNEL SECRETS –  Just Having A Website Online DOES NOT Cut It These Days! Everyone has a website! In fact anyone can get one installed very quickly! – Even outsourced for next to nothing!

So what makes you and your business any different?… The secret lies in the method you use to generate leads, sales and back-end sales. This is why Sales Funnel Secrets was created!
Benefits of a sales funnel…

Gives you an incentive to build your list whilst making money at the same time! Ever feel like not bothering to build your list? We’ve all been there! However when you know that you have a special offer in place you’ll be happily building your list and knowing that you’ll be able to make sales as well!

Allows you to build on top of what you’ve already done! Wait! Don’t tell me you’ve bought countless of other products and courses in the past telling you how to do this and how to do that… with the Sales Funnel Secrets course you’re going to finally put everything together into one perfect system! Your past efforts are definitely not wasted!

You can find this training FREE in the Training Systems of the Member Dashboard


How to use Missinglettr to Promote your Blog Posts

Facebook Group Trainings (Welcome New Members & Group Units)

Webinar Trainings include: Chatbots are Hot, Google My Business, How to Create a Course from your Book and Selling on Amazon
You can get the audio replays here: https://www.wecai.org/replays/

Members can access the entire training systems in the Member Dashboard

New Training Guide, Checklists, Cheatsheets & Email Autoresponder Templates

Just for stopping by – Get your copy of Energize Your Facebook Group!

You will learn…

  • Why a Facebook Group Is the Perfect Way to Build Your Brand
  • 3 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Facebook Group
  • Transforming Your Facebook Group into a Community
  • How to Make Your Facebook Group Thrive
  • Promote Your Facebook Group to Gain New Members

And you receive the Implementation Workbook to help you plan your Facebook Groups Strategy!