Over the years, e-commerce entrepreneurship has achieved a gender-neutral status. The growing number of women entering and succeeding in the landscape is enough to show it is a good place for them. Even better, women are making it big as global entrepreneurs in the online selling space. Not surprisingly, more females want to join the bandwagon and build international conglomerates. Italy is one of the best destinations for going global as it has a lot to offer. The investor visa gives you an easy route to start, and you can check the complete guide on mbersanilaw.com to know more about it. Moreover, you must have valid reasons to start your international business in Italy. Let us list them for you.

Conducive business environment

The business environment in Italy is favorable for global entrepreneurship. The country has a growing market, while the proximity to the EU leads to bigger business opportunities. E-commerce businesses have an immense scope. Moreover, the tax structure is viable for innovative overseas startups , making it a great place to explore your international dream. The best part is that you never have to worry about growth opportunities as gender does not decide success in this part of the world. 

Easy access to investor visa

Easy access to the Italian investor visa is the main reason that makes the country attractive to international entrepreneurs. If you have the financial means, you can obtain it within a few months and kick start your business in the country right away. The good thing is that you have various investment options, starting with €250,000 in a startup to buying government bonds worth €2 million. You can also invest €500,000 in a local business or donate €1 million to a public project. The rest is a hassle-free process that lets you land with an investor visa. 

Bring your family along

Women entrepreneurs have family considerations on top of their minds when pursuing global goals. The Italian investor visa covers this front as you can bring your family members along without additional investment. You only need to prove if you can sustain them with your current income. The country is a great destination for families as it offers excellent healthcare facilities and quality education on a budget. The incredible weather and easy lifestyle are other reasons your family will love it. 

Road to citizenship 

Another benefit of choosing as your international business destination is that you have the road to citizenship open with an investor visa. You can start as a resident and secure the benefits just like the locals. You can convert to a permanent residence status once you complete five years in the country. Completing ten years here makes you eligible for a second passport with citizenship by naturalization. You can live here for good, grow your online business, and make Italy the home for your next generations.

Women e-commerce entrepreneurs with global dreams can achieve more than they expect in Italy. Not to mention, it is a great country to live in with your family. Collaborate with a visa expert and open the doors to this opportunity sooner rather than later.

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