Women Business Owners Survey and State of Business Forecast 2008


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Women Business Owners Survey and State of Business Forecast 2008 – Despite Economy, Women Optimistic About Future

Fort Lauderdale, FL (Wednesday, January 30, 2008). For some, being in business in 2007 has been a struggle; for others it has been a journey to freedom. Despite the slump in the economy and the global economic outlook for 2008, most women agree that no matter what yesterday brought the future of business is looking bright. In fact, nearly 83% predict their businesses will do better in the coming year. So say the results of The Women Business Owners Survey & State of Business Forecast 2008 sponsored by the Women’s eCommerce Association, International. The survey was created to find out what factors contribute to women business owners’ success as well as where women see themselves in the future.

Overall Findings
• Nearly 71% of respondents fall into the Services and retail categories.
• Close to 84% of respondents reported having a business that was both Virtual and Brick and Mortar
• More than 60% of respondents had undergraduate/post graduate college degrees.
• Almost 61% of women reported starting their first business between 18 and 39
• 42% went into business to be their own boss and to create a more balanced work-life ideal.
• The number one long-term business goal chosen by women is “to produce an income-generating venture that will sustain a comfortable lifestyle. (74%)
• More than 45% reported a 20% (or greater) increase in revenue in 2007 compared to 2006
• 47% of women reported networking with business/professional organizations and Virtual/social networking groups. More than 75% say they plan to participate in social networking site in 2008.

Dialogues with hundreds of women business owners as well as the results from the survey confirm that women are not only equipped to take risks to succeed, they do it each and every day as evidenced by the types of businesses they run and the lengths they will go to in order to exceed their goals year after year. Sometimes it’s taking a step back, at other times its finding funding or exposing themselves to new networking opportunities. Other factors that women attribute to overall success: the majority of women believe in ongoing education to stay ahead of the competition in order to exceed the goals achieved in previous years. Giving back to the community, mentoring others and being role models are also important motivators to their overall feelings of achieving success. To read the full report, read WBO Forecast 2008 

Survey Methodology
The Woman Business Survey was distributed via email invitation to several women’s organizations and individuals around the globe. While the combined total of women who received the survey cannot be measured, within our own circle of influence we estimate that more than 12,000 women received an invitation to participate. The results: 545 Women completed the survey. Although the majority of women who responded were from North America, (US – 466 and Canada – 43) there were a handful of respondents from the following countries: Australia (6), England (5), France & Germany (3 each), Hong Kong & Italy (2 each), Sweden, Singapore, Israel, Dubai, The Netherlands, Yamhill, South Africa and Switzerland (1 each). Seven women did not respond to the “location” question.

About the Women’s eCommerce Association
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Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder & CEO