“True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves, but about lifting others up.” Sheri L. Dew

"Women in Ecommerce News September 2014"This issue of Women in Ecommerce News is dedicated to each of you – women who serve others daily, who use your position to improve others lives, to enrich and encourage individuals and communities, to leave a legacy that will last longer than the “titles” you hold. Among you are the recently named Class of 2014 Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce being recognized by WE Magazine for women.

They are: Mandee Heller Adler, Jeannete J. Archer-Simons, Regina Baker, Helen Bannigan, Amanda Barbara, Hellen Barbara, Lynn Bardowski, Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, Pam beattie, Laura Berger, Kyatti Bhatt, Lillian D. Bjorseth, Linda Blatchford, Kim Bloomer, LaTara Bussey, Lisa Buyer, Stephanie LH Calahan, Traci S. Campbell, Gina Carr, Rita J Cartwright Southern, Holly Chantal, Sara Clarke, Jeannine Clontz, Irene Conlan, Shelley Costello, Andrea Coville, Margaret Cowles, Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD, Baeth Davis, Carol Deckert, Diana Dentinger, Ava Diamond, Heather Dominick, Suzanne Duret, Michelle Elizabeth, Isabelle, Feyfant, Chicke Fitzgerald, Heidi Forbes Oste, Nancy Fox, Fabienne Fredrickson, Christine Gallagher, Gina Gaudio-Graves, Joy Gendusa, Arielle Giordano, Jenn Givler, Judith E. Glaser, Connie S. Gorrell, Lori J. Highby, Gillian Hood, Annabelle Howard, April Iannazzone, Christine Kane, Lynne Klippel, Liz Kulin, Frances Kweller, Andrea J. Lee, Milana Leshinsky, Jami Lin, Kelly Lucente, Chris Marlow, Rae Majors-Wildman, Linda Martinez, Julia McCutchen, Misha Mendicino, Patty Mooney, Jewels Muller, Vrinda Normand, Zsuzsa Novak, Shannon O’Donnell, Shivanee A. Patel, Rev. Dr. Betty Perryman, ThD., B. Brooke Peterson, Maria Petrak, Stacia Pierce, Gillian Pritchett, Elise Quevedo, Gail Romero, Maureen Ross, MA, Christina Rowe, Lynn Ruby, Lori Ruff, Shazia Sami, Deb Scott, Natalie Sisson, Janet Slack, Marni Spencer-Devlin, Liz Strauss, Shanda Sumpter, Agustina Thorgilsson, Leslie Tolf, Wendy VanHatten, Da’Nielle Veasey and Tracy Vega, Adrienne Vendetti, Stephanie Vendetti, Barb Wade, Vicki Winterton and Terri Zwierszynski.
We congratulate each of these 100 Women for being role models, mentors and leaders in their businesses, organizations and their communities. You can learn about them at http://bit.ly/whoswho2014 .


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November ARTICLE: The Best Give Away… Six tips to Creating Special Reports People Want

“The thing to remember about give-was is that as well as offering a solution to a problem, you have to create a product people want and need.” Heidi Richards Mooney

According to Rich Schefren, one of the most powerful and effective lead-generation mechanisms he’s used are free reports. His first report was called The Internet Business Manifesto (you might remember it) and that report generated over one million leads for Rich in the first four years after it was released.

The type of report that generally works best is one that ultimately redefines the prospect’s problem and offers a counter-intuitive solution to solve it. This gives prospects an epiphany or an Ha-ha! moment. They also get excited about having a new perspective on a problem they haven’t been able to solve.

And it raises their level of interest because here is something they have not heard before. Combining a new perspective with a new solution not only gets you a new lead – it also causes that lead to share the information with others, which can lead to your report go viral.

Here are 6 tips to make your lead-generation report desirable:

1. Make it a “how-to” report. People search the internet for how to do things all day long. Provide a solution to a problem, a step by step tutorial or a list of tips that people can use to improve some aspect of their lives
2. Give your report a great headline. If you can combine the “how-to” with a number of solutions, your report will get more attention. eg. How to Use Instagram grow Your Business – 5 steps to leverage pictures to market your company.
3. Make it easy for people to get. Don’t create too many layers or obstacles to access the report. Ask for a first name and email, not the address, birthdate, first born, etc. People are less likely to optin when you ask for too much information up front.

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