Here’s an astounding fact – people who read business books make more money – a lot more!   (Even in tough economic times.)

According to a number of recent studies*, business people who read at least seven business books a year earn over 2.3 times more than those who read only one book per year.


One reason is they have a constant flow of new ideas and strategies they can use to help their careers, their teams and their companies.

And given all the layoffs and other challenges during the recession, isn’t doing everything you can to help your team and your company the best way to not only safeguard your career, but to help it grow?

Where can you find a stream of new and practical ideas to drive your success?

From the world’s top business experts.


Many of them have written books offering their proven strategies and winning ideas.

The problem … who has time to do all that reading?

A study by Bersin & Associates** found that while 74.9% of all managers understand the correlation between reading and competitive advantage, they simply don’t have the time to read more books. This is directly impacting their careers — and incomes!

The solution…

Women in eCommerce™ has teamed up with The Business Source to offer the Business Book Summary Program — concise summaries of books you need to read. Each month, learn best practices and get powerful insights from leading-edge thinkers, industry experts and renowned business gurus.

The summaries take just 15 minutes to read or listen to and you get two summaries monthly, so your total time investment is only 30 minutes a month! 

If you could use a stream of powerful new ideas to help increase your value and take you to the next level, click here to learn more


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That’s 70% off the regular price and a savings of $91.

This is your only chance to purchase the Business Book Summary Program at the discounted price and The Business Source offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Remember, this offer ends on December 13th, so to avoid disappointment please act now while you have this email open.

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* Sources: United States Department of Labor, Survey by Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders and Business Majors

** Source: Bersin & Associates Research Study -How Executives Stay Informed: A Study of Resources Used and Time Spent Locating Critical Business Information.

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