On February 7tn Members and Guests got together to learn from the master artist, Conni Gordon.

Conni lead the eager group in a lively “painting exercise” resulting in everyone walking away with their own signature work of art.

For many this exercise was therapeutic. We discovered things about ourselves through the use of color, technique and ability to follow instructions. Some created works of art with a heavy hand, others used a light as a feather touch to create their masterpieces. Even though we all had the very same instructions, no two pieces were alike or for that matter similar.

Here are pictures of that event – Judge for yourself:

To compliment the artistic creations, Conni had beautiful wooden frames available as well as many of her own art instruction books. The funds raised from those sales will go toward the Conni Gordon Art Foundation.  Through the Art Foundation work, Conni and her team teach the disabled (many whom are blind) to paint their own masterpieces.

As part of the festivities, we were treated to a “Wine Tasting” at the Plantation, Florida Total Wine Super Store. Laura, Peggy and Courtney were amazing hosts and made everyone feel at home and special.

This quarterly event is part of our Master Series – Up Close and Personal with the Experts.

Our next Up Close and Personal is slated for mid May or early June. Stay tuned.

In the meantime check out Conni Gordon’s website at www.ConniGordon.com.

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