Recently when cleaning out some files (something I recommend you do frequently to keep your computer running smoothly and quickly) I found this checklist and realized it is still very relevant. Probably more relevant today with all the spam and unwanted/unnecessary emails each of us receive on a daily basis. Don’t make your email transmissions become email transgressions!

Does this e-mail message make sense? Are the actions clear and do they have owners?


Does the e-mail message meet the MPS P.A.S.S test?


  What is the purpose of this communication?


  What action is involved and does it have a due date?


  What supporting information does the recipient need?


  Has the communication been effectively summarized in the subject line?


Is the message well-written? Is it concise while providing enough data for action to be taken or decisions made?


Do the links in the message work? Are the attachments included?


Is the e-mail message being sent to the correct recipients (not too many and not too few)?


Does everyone on the To line have an action to take?


Has the message been re-checked for grammar, spelling, and use of jargon?


Feel free to share this checklist with your colleagues, family and friends. Let them know how important their emails are to you and that you would like to make it easier for them to send things you would most likely respond to. Copy and paste into your own emails or send them to this page.

And remember, before pressing send… heed the advice above for your email transmissions.