"17 MORE Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your WEBSITE"In Part One of this series we discussed 17 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website including writing articles, creating and giving away special reports, join online forums and 14 other ideas.  After all, you invest time and money building your brand, showcasing your brand with a website and other marketing materials and sharing it with your audience.

Here are 17 more ways to get traffic, grow your audience and your bottom line.

1. In addition to writing blog posts, and articles, think about giving away your articles and other intellectual property such as audio and video products.  These are great for traffic and for list-building. Sharing your expertise on sites that cater to a similar audience is an organic way to get that same audience interested in what you do and have to say.

2. After writing those articles, submit them to newsletters in the genre you want to reach.

3. Comment on other sites, blogs and forums.  Do it in a way that positions you as an expert so people will want to know more about you and your company.

4. Create software such as an app , a free tool or template that you can give away and share.

5. Research and submit your site and content to newsletter directories

6. Create branded videos. Upload to YouTube , Vimeo, Ustream .

7.  Use Craig’s list free classified ads to promote your products and services.

8. Maximize your signature line with links that people will want to click on such as a give-away or offer, call to action.

9. Enhance your blog posts with graphics that people will want to share. Brand those images with your domain URL.

10. Optimize your site with the proper SEO – tag your images, descriptions and compelling headlines.

11. Offer free online teleseminars – invite people to attend. Give away the recordings. Turn those into podcasts.

12. Submit your podcasts to iTunes and podcast directories.

13. Offer to test other people’s products and write about it.

14. Write testimonials of products you use that can help your audience be more effective in the reason they are your audience in the first place.

15. Provide a Free resources section on your website.

16.  Buy ads in newsletters your target audience reads.

17. Create online “Events” that will brand your company and showcase your expertise.

What have you done to drive traffic to your website that has worked?  Have you engaged in Pay-per-click, commented on the news, converted content to ebooks, pdfs, offered them on Scribd , become a content expert on sites such as Quora , created tutorials, created free PPT presentations and uploaded them to SlideShare ? There are so many ways to drive traffic. Choose one and tackle it, then another and another.  Driving traffic to your website is a process, by creating a system that works for you, using the tools you prefer, will give you returns beyond your own expectations.