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… and The Search Engines Will Love!

How To Write Articles The Directory Editors Will Love

I’ve never seen anyone else mention this, but it’s important to note… It’s important to give Editors what they want as they hold the “keys to the castle.”

If they don’t like your content/article, or if they break the “Terms and Conditions” set by the directory, they won’t publish your article and all your effort will have been for not. Here’s 7 tips to keep the Editors happy:

1. Submit good, “original content” articles (500-700 words long)

2. Make sure your titles and body content are keyword-rich

3. Don’t include “By: Author Name” in the title (save for Resource Box)

4. Make sure your article is informative… Not a sales pitch!

5. Format your article to 60 characters in width

6. Use a text editor to remove your word processor’s formatting

7. Let your text wrap naturally. Only use the [Enter] key after completing a paragraph. Leave an empty line between paragraphs. Note: While 500-700 word articles are optimal, articles between 400-1500 words will be accepted by most directories.

How To Write Articles That Will Be Loved By Your Target Market

1. Write keyword-rich articles so they can be found by searchers

2. Do your homework to learn what problems your market has

3. Write interesting articles that give solutions to problems

4. Offer more information (for Free) in your Resource Box

Pro Tip: Internet Marketer, Jimmy D. Brown, coined a phrase that’s perfect for Article Marketing… Make your content “Useful but incomplete.” This way, they’ll need to go to your site to learn more about your “solutions.”

How To Write Articles The Search Engines Will Love

1. Write keyword-rich articles so they can be found

2. Make sure your articles are “original content”

3. Submit your articles to “authority sites” (sites with high PageRank)

4. Consider LSI (latent semantic indexing) when writing