A teleseminar is a virtual meeting. Hosting a teleseminar is an essential marketing tool for the online entrepreneur resulting in additional traffic to your website, increasing your list and adding to your bottom line. You can record your teleseminars and use the audios as marketing tools to sell or give away to your audience.

And with the advanced technological resources today, finding a hosting company is quick, efficient and often free. There are any number of vendors who provide meeting and phone access as well as logistical and technical support. Women in Ecommerce™ has listed our top four choices for teleseminar hosting. One or more are sure to be the teleseminar hosting providers for you and your company or organization

Free Conference Calls ~ Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account. You can also record your sessions for free.

Instant Teleseminar ~ Conduct teleseminars and webinars with ease and increase your business. An all in one package of extremely affordable teleseminar and webinar resource…

Maestro Conference ~ Create Breakout Groups on a Teleconference? MaestroConference is the first teleconference service that re-creates a real workshop environment through the phone. Create breakout groups, take orders, and conduct orderly polling and Q&A sessions — all using a simple graphic interface. Perfect for teachers, coaches, and teleseminar marketers. Get your free trial here. (Free to FEE)

Teleseminar Alive ~ Seminar teachers, list your teleseminar, webinar, or online training class in the calendar free of charge. It is a great way to get more exposure to your class. We have partnerships with other sites that will promote your class if you are looking to give your teleseminar more exposure. Just submit your teleseminar or webinar and wait for approval.