Today’s Monday Resource is something that many retail websites have (or should have) and Women in Ecommerce believes it would be handy and customer centric to have for just about ANY type of business.


We have chosen to recommend Click Click Call for this week’s resource because it has a FREE option that allows you to test-drive the product, see how it works and integrates with your website and test to see if it will be used. Of course, once your customers/clients know this feature is available I am sure it will get used. AND new visitors to your site will appreciate the “mobility” and ease of use this Click 2 Call program provides.

Some of the benefits for the Small Business Click 2 Call Service include:

No Setup Fee

No Flat Rate Monthly Fee

60 FREE Initial Minutes

60 Minutes Of Talk Time ~ $3.99

Virtual Calling Card

Earn Free Time

Email Click to Call

Call Follow Me

Customized Greeting

Voice Mail

Maximum Voice Mail ~ Unlimited

Email Voice Mail Delivery

Caller Notification

Custom Link Generation

48 Country Coverage

Advanced Call Blocking

Easy Integration

No Busy Signals

No Training Necessary

No Contracts

No Minimum Commitment

No Hidden Fees  

Costs start at just $3.99 a month for up to 60 minutes of talk time for the small business version and $29.95 for 360 minutes.  There are no setup fees for the Small Business Service.  

If you are doing business on the web, if your customers are finding you on the web, if they use a contact-us form to communicate or have to pick up a phone to call you,  Click Click Call is an excellent solution for your small business needs.

Note: there are also options for Large Business and Corporate Accounts. See Click Click Call for more information.

* if you click on the link in this email and you purchase the Click Click Call product, Women in Ecommerce may make a small commission. WE appreciate your support and understand that any products we recommend on our site, regardless of receiving compensation we wholeheartedly believe in. Our mission is to help women working online, doing business online and ewomen solopreneurs do MORE business on the WEB.