Even though every business is shifting to digitalization, word-of-mouth still holds significance. Even a single negative article or comment can result in a considerable loss. In fact, a survey confirmed that one comment against a company could make it lose around 20% of its customers. 

It goes without saying that not a single company can bounce back from such a situation quickly. Undoubtedly, you need to ensure that you don’t leave any dissatisfied customers venting their anger online. But how to use proactive customer feedback or engagement to your advantage?

Experts suggest that customer survey data gives you a wealth of information that can offer you the right head start to enhance your decision-making process. Don’t know where to start from? 

Well! This article will provide you with all the information you need concerning customer feedback to scale your business exponentially. Let’s begin!

Learn About The Issues and Build Better Products 

Being a perfectionist is OK. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any room for improvement. For example, if your customers happen to have apprehensions about your product, you need to design customer surveys that will provide you with data valuable enough to gauge your performance. 

Brands that welcome feedback not only brushes off bad reviews. It allows them to build better products. Let’s give you an example. P&G addressed the “broken dryer bar” issues seriously by clarifying the installation instructions with the customers. And it eventually turned an entire incident into their favor. How? By making customers aware that you value their inputs. 

Prioritize Customers Who Send Disengagement Signals 

There are multiple touchpoints throughout the customer journey that might lead you to trouble. From mailers, marketing events to customer support calls, you don’t know where you can go wrong. 

But when you do, make sure to take their woes into account and do the right thing. In short, if you take customer feedback seriously, you can avoid spending bucks on the hunches of your customers.  

Also, keep a close eye on app deletions or unsubscriptions to screen the customers who lost interest in you. You can also opt for a customer engagement platform to conduct market research within your target audience to find out all the possible areas of improvement. 

Discuss Trends With Your Customers 

You must understand that if a customer cares enough to write an online review, there is a possibility that they will discuss trends or what they are expecting from your brand with your customer service representatives. 

You can also use automation tools to maximize your efficiency and accuracy of your customer’s support team. Doing so will help you minimize the response time in gathering the required information and escalate positive customer experiences. 

Engage Even if it Hurts 

Not a single business can shield itself from negative customer feedback. But if you proactively engage with customers and commit them to improvements , you can easily change their perception.

Don’t forget that single customer feedback can give rise to new products or mind-boggling marketing campaigns or solutions that even most leading companies never considered. Positive customer conversations by any means available can drive your company towards success. 

Wrapping up

How can a business build relationships with their customers and target audience they don’t see face-to-face? The answer lies in the following customer service elements:

  • User-friendly digital touchpoints 
  • Accurate product descriptions
  • Clear purchase information
  • Transparent return policies 
  • Accessible customer service representatives
  • Willingness to entertain customer feedbacks

If you master these, nothing can stop you from achieving favorable results. 



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