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When you look at the list of the various types of content that you can create for your marketing needs, it can really feel a little daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to do it all alone. You have options.

1. Hire Ghostwriters to Do It for You

You may have heard of ghostwriters before in terms of actors or famous people having a ghostwriter to help them write their manuscript, typically about their life. Well, you can also hire a ghostwriter to write any of the above mentioned types of content for you, and you don’t have to tell anyone you hired a ghostwriter – you can put your name on it as the author.

You can give as much input to the project as you want, providing outlines and research notes to the writer, or you can let them do it all from A to Z. It depends on what you’re comfortable with. Some people choose to give the ghostwriter some credit by using the “with Ghostwriter’s Name” after the author’s name, and some people choose not to mention the ghostwriter at all. Some ghostwriters do not want their name on the work. It’s up to you.

Use Reputable Places to Find Your Ghostwriter

There are many places today that you can find and hire a ghostwriter. You can use Guru.com, Freelancer.com, Shelancers.com, AllCustomContent.com and more places than you can imagine. You can also ask colleagues if they know any ghostwriters, and do a simple Google Search for ghostwriters to see if you can find individual contractor’s webpages.

Message boards like WAHM.com have a lot of ghostwriters discussing their work there, as do many mastermind groups like Solo Masterminds.com on their private message boards. The important thing is to get references and try them out on something small first.

Get Samples and Recommendations

However you find your ghostwriter, it’s important to see samples of their work, and ensure that they can provide at least a few testimonials or recommendations before you hire them. You may wonder how a ghostwriter can offer samples of their work, but most ghostwriters also write for themselves. They cannot reveal for whom they’ve written because most of the time their work is very confidential in nature, so sometimes getting recommendations can be tricky. But, they may be able to give you the name of someone privately.

Be Willing to Pay a Fair Fee

It’s also important not to expect the labor to be too cheap because in this line of work, you definitely get what you pay for. You can certainly hire those who will work for one dollar a page, but you won’t get much traction out of the work you get in return.

Hire someone with experience in your language, who understands your culture, who has experience writing intelligently within your niche topic and who understands how to do research. Then, pay them a fair wage for doing a good job. In most cases you’ll need to pay a down payment to get the work started, and then pay a final payment upon project completion.

Know in Advance What You Want

Before even thinking about hiring a ghostwriter you need to know what type of content you want. You may need to hire more than one type of ghostwriter. Each ghostwriter will have their own niche in which they excel. Some writers love writing white papers, others prefer to write blog posts, articles, and case studies. It just depends and you’ll need to know what you want before you approach a ghostwriter for a proposal on a project.

Start a New Writer with Small Projects First

Test out a new writer with a couple of smaller projects first to ensure that you like their style of writing, their editing abilities as well as their capacity to meet deadlines. After a writer has successfully completed a few small projects for you, then you can move on to larger projects without as much worry that something will go wrong. Remember that this is a business, and only the ones willing to rise to the challenge will make it.

Add Your Own Voice

Finally, no matter how well the ghostwriter writes, you’ll need to add in your own voice to the work. You want it to sound like you, and no ghostwriter will be perfect at capturing your voice. They might even inadvertently say something in the work that contradicts your views if it wasn’t discussed fully. Simply correct those things, and add in your own voice to the work as you read through the finished product. If you plan to work with the ghostwriter long term, be sure to share the finished work with them so that they can get to know your style and views better.

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a very good way to ensure that you always have enough content flowing through your website and on all your social media accounts. It doesn’t mean you have to stop writing at all, but having the additional content coming to you on a regular basis will be a great help to getting the word out about your business.

2. Use Private Label Rights Content Effectively

Another way to get more content for marketing your business is to use something called Private label rights (PLR) content. This is content that you can use as your own for your business. Each place you purchase content from has their own rules but in general you can usually rewrite it, sell it, give it away, and reconfigure it however you want and put your own name on it as the author.

Buy Quality PLR

Be careful where you purchase PLR. Many online stores are questionable and some of the items aren’t even actually PLR. Also some places have rules that prohibit you from using them in the manner you most need to, so be sure to read the rules regardless of where you purchase from so that you can make sure you can use it how you want to before buying.

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Rewrite and Repurpose PLR

When you download your PLR, the ones that can be re-written and altered will come in an editable format like Word. First, read through everything as is, and then, using your own keyword research go through and change the writing to reflect the words that you want to highlight and use.

* Switch around the format of the work – If it’s a “How to” article, you can rewrite it to become more informational and vice versa. Change the subheadings, headings and the title to reflect your niche and your keywords. Change the introduction and conclusion to be relevant to your story and your niche for your audience.

Remember how people read content on the web – People scan the content, so using a lot of subheadings, bullet points, and numbers is a good thing. It will help the reader get more out of the content with the breaks on the eyes, and the white space will help your readers focus on your content.

* Focus on only two to three keywords per page – Don’t use the same three keywords for your entire website. You need to continually conduct keyword research for content that will be live on any website because you want to have hundreds of keywords available to use. You want to use low-competition keyword phrases and not just one word. This means that people are searching for that phrase, but there aren’t many results popping up for the searcher.

* Get out the thesaurus – Using different words that mean the same things is a great way to help rewrite your PLR. Don’t go crazy – use words your audience will understand and that are natural for you to use. However, the thesaurus can give you new ideas and ways of putting things. It will help you rewrite your PLR and make it your own.

* Add your own affiliate links – Whether it’s an eBook or a blog post, it’s important to add in your own affiliate links when you mention any products or services. By monetizing your writing, even writing like eBooks that you sell, you will create another stream of income and further make the content your own.

* Change the titles – Always change the title, subheadings, and headings in your PLR to words that make more sense with your niche. Even if the words used now are perfect, you need to change them to avoid duplicate content issues.

If you’re not comfortable with rewriting and reworking your PLR, you can hire someone to do it for you. You’ll supply them with your keywords and tell them about your audience, as well as provide affiliate links you want to use to promote various products and they’ll do the work for you. However you choose to do it, it’s important not to use PLR as it comes. Make it your own so that it will work harder for you.