Delighted to share our newest way to pass the time and learn as you go… our interactive crossword puzzles.

Our first one is all About Social Media.

Some of the clues are:

  • Refers to intelligence exhibited by machines
  • Ask Me Anything
  • How long it takes a brand or individual to reply to a customer’s message
  • A person or customer who talks positively about your brand or product
  • A positive action taken on a website by a visitor arriving from social media
  • Used in digital communication to convey a meaning, feeling, person or thing
  • Users interacting with a brand by liking, commenting, sharing posts, images, etc.
  • Fear Of Missing Out
  • A social media user who has the potential to reach a relevant audience
  • How to improve the volume or quality of unpaid traffic to your website from search engines


Simply scroll down to see the questions and fill in the blanks as you go along!

You can also click here for the pdf version to PRINT and solve offline – plain text and print as shown above (also includes the answers to the puzzle.