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Running a law firm is like running any business. I am sure you are familiar with the nuances of all the legal protocols. But managing a business requires more than just legal expertise. You’ll have to be well-versed with or at least have a knowledge of:

  • Managing an office
  • Accounts and bookkeeping 
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing 

It’s what will help you drive your firm’s success. While the essentials of running an office and finance is a topic of another day. Today, we will walk you through the critical prerequisites of devising a perfect marketing strategy to grow your business digitally. 

Devise a Plan

When it comes to opening a law firm, you must understand that there are different types of legal businesses, such as divorce lawyers, personal injury lawyers, business lawyers, and so on. So, not every lawyer will have a similar marketing strategy. 

For example, if you take into consideration the point of view of a customer. What would they think when hiring a divorce lawyer? Ideally, the customer would search for queries like the divorce laws of the “state” or what should you include as proof if the marriage is not mutual? And if you look for a personal injury lawyer, the queries will automatically change. For example, it would be like how to obtain the compensation you deserve or what factors to consider when you are a part of an accident. 

Hence, you need to devise a plan as per your specialty or niche. Otherwise, you won’t reach the target customers of your choice, and even the best marketing strategies would turn out to be a total failure. 

Bid on Your Name on Google

When it comes to legal businesses, most people know you by your name. It’s like your name is the brand. And if you don’t bid on your name when devising PPC campaigns, your competitors might use that in their favor. For instance, if Shopify stopped bidding on their name, other eCommerce giants could use that in their favor. And the result would be high organic traffic, and higher lead generation, and eventually higher sales. 

So, always make a point to bid on your name whenever creating a campaign to lure customers. 

Go Mobile

It’s quite evident that people use mobiles to search for things. In fact, more than 50% of the searches are from a mobile phone. So, your landing pages and website must be mobile-friendly if you wish to land customers on your site. 

Also, make a point to keep a check on your site’s mobile speed—for instance, customers like websites that are UX friendly and load within 5 seconds. Even a second more loading time can cause an issue in terms of customer retention. 

Use Social Media Platforms

Very rarely, it’s a good idea to depend on only a means of marketing channels. SEO and PPC are essential. However, with people adopting a variety of means to find different services online, you must ensure that you are available on such platforms. 

For instance, Facebook and Instagram are popular choices that users can use to attract and engage with customers. It’s not only about interacting with customers. It’s also about finding information or doing research as to what’s happening currently. 

Track Your Results

It’s not right to keep on devising plans without knowing how the last campaign or marketing strategy worked. Whether you are using SEO, PPC, or social media marketing, without understanding what’s working and what’s not, it would be a bad idea to invest in future marketing strategies. 

In fact, as per the Forbes Insights Report, more than 20% of marketers confirm that data-driven marketing initiatives help achieve significant results. This will allow you to drive your business and ROI. 

Wrapping up

Running a business is quite challenging. You have to take into account a lot of things to transform into a successful business setup. With businesses gone online, it’s more important now than ever to include practices that will help your business grow. 

Again, with marketing changing rapidly, it is vital to invest in trends while keeping the constant marketing intact. The right blend of marketing strategies will help you to grow your legal business by leaps and bounds. 

You need to prove that a specific marketing strategy works, or else all your time and money will end up wasted. Obviously, customer handling is a vital part of any business. But it’s the marketing strategies or campaigns that help you with customer acquisition and retention. So, make sure you are doing it right. 

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