Meet Diana Dentinger, Founder Women of Meaning and Global Ambassador ~ Italy

Meet Diana Dentinger, Founder Women of Meaning and Global Ambassador ~ ItalyAs the Founder of “The Meaning of Life School” Diana’s mission is to teach people how to be themselves. Sounds easy, obvious or maybe even odd, but that’s exactly what she does! Her clients say that she knows them better than they know themselves.

She especially supports women, executives, entrepreneurs and mothers along a unique journey so they fulfill their every dream and desire.

“Learn to be You & Love every Moment” is her motto.

Diana created The Change Your Game Formula™ a life transforming personality profile that she uses as the foundation of all her programs. The formula’s results allow her clients to understand and feel their conflictual “hard wiring” and switch it over to accessing their full potential.

About three times a year, Diana offers a 9 week, small group, online program as part of “The Meaning of Life School”. Each participant is guided through a very precise and personalized process of self discovery that connects them with their individual Needs in 12 different areas of their lives.

“Needs are what create desires. Needs drive behavior.”

All her clients have amazing success, get instant clarity and long lasting transformation thanks to her high quality tools.

She will open enrollment for the Summer Session of “The Meaning of Life School” soon.

Only 20 women will be accepted for the program starting in June. For more information write her at

Diana is also Co Founder of Women of Meaning, dedicated to empowering and creating female leaders in a new paradigm of co-creation, cooperation and compassion. She offers cutting edge training methods that give the women focused direction and elevated self confidence to be all they can be.

Her over 20 year experience as a creative leader in innovative corporate training programs, private coaching sessions and keynote speeches, and has transformed and motivated hundreds of clients to achieve more clarity, meaning and performance in their personal and professional lives.

Diana also invented an effective proprietary coaching method called The Meaning of Life Path™ which allows people to finding and following their own unique path to prosperity. With the use of these tools, her corporate clients have been able to create unified teams with precise visions for their future. Some have saved over $1million in waste and others 20% more profit for their companies. Diana has trained in multinational companies such as Jaguar, Citroen, Fiat Avio, Paul Mitchell and Ecopack.

Her private clients have transformed stressed family and couple relationships as well as dissatisfying career dead ends into more fulfilling choices. Most of her clients have found the courage to write books, start new businesses and change jobs thanks to her coaching.

Diana was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA and received a Marketing Degree from Miami University in 1984. Her experience as an entrepreneur throughout Europe, enabled her to create her home, worldwide business and family in Italy. She now lives in Northern Italy where she raises her 4 children.

Diana is a neurobiology therapist specialized in behavior, Editor of the Inner Peace Parenting Magazine and Featured Author in the book “Pure Genius – Simple Solutions that Work to Light up Your World”.

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