Meet Donna Kim-Brand, a lifetime member since 2011.

Donna Kim-Brand works internationally teaching, coaching and facilitating visionary senior leaders, entrepreneurial business owners, teachers and students to develop and apply ‘Game Changer Thinking’. This includes skills in thinking, learning and creativity (TLC) designed to help articulate, implement and manifest their goals from the vantage point of Evolutionary Thought Leader in their personal life, business, education and society.

She is also creator of, one of a series of member sites being created to support ‘learning what you need to get what you want’,, and

Donna is also Legacy Strategist & Facet Manager for her original concepts of ‘Living Legacy’ , ‘Masterpiece in the Making’ and ‘Kaleidoscopic Living’, all expressions of ‘Creative Living and Giving’ which you can experience in her workshops and coaching.

She also founded and is a spokesperson for, having worked closely with the late founder, Jigme Norbu.

Donna’s style is dynamic and interactive, giving participants space to make their own discoveries while also offering guidance through insights, tools and skill development designed to empower people to move towards their own goals and dreams. She’s been called a ‘Pollyanna Provocateur’ all her life, as she always uses creative discovery to seek the highest and best for all concerned in every situation.

Donna is author of:

‘Beginner’s Guide to Mental Fitness and Training Your Brain with Thinking, Learning and Creativity Tools’

‘Creative Mindset A-Z: 26 Steps to Becoming a Creative Hotshot’

‘Bags of Creativity: 40 Creativity Tools for Your Creative Journey’

She is also the co-author with Richard Israel of ‘Family Brain Gym: 31 Transformational Techniques for A Better Life at Home, Work and School’ & ‘Mindful Moves: 30 Ways to Stretch Your Body & Mind’

Her main blog and offerings are found at .

You can read her Expert designated articles at

Donna Kim-Brand is also the former host of Wise Up Radio Show: Leveraging Your Learning, Leadership & Legacy,

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