Jennefer Resko is a 26 year veteran officer and currently a Police Sergeant. She has ran several businesses as well as served as a decorated officer. She saw a need for a Property Inventory business after witnessing the devistation that Hurricanes Andrew, Wilma, and Katrina caused. She has dealt with victims of crime that could not provide accurate descriptions of their property. She has seen businesses after the theives have taken the computers, forklifts, and such, leaving the owner with little to go on when filing the necessary reports.

In addition to being the President of 3-15 Documentation, Jennefer has started a new endeavor: Ask Sergeant Jen. She is using her new site, to offer her opinion regarding things like “How do I keep my kid from shoplifting” or “I think my husband is doing something illegal, how does that affect me?”

Here’s what she wrote on her new website/blog:

“I attended a “Get Motivated” seminar on February 29, 2012. There were many great speakers, but it was America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh that touch me so deeply that I knew this new career path was exactly the direction that I needed to go.

He spoke with such passion his personal feelings about losing Adam. He described the horror that he and his wife went through as well as the incompentency that the police had with handling this type of case.

The tears rolled down my face as I felt each bit of pain he felt. As a mother and a grandmother, I knew that no parent should ever go through that pain.

I decided right there and then to do something about it. To educate our little ones with the hopes that it can save a child’s life.

Stay tuned for breaking news regarding simple and fun workshops for you and your children. If it saves just one child, that one child could be yours.

I may offer you advice or I may slam you on my “Can’t Believe It” page.

More to follow…….”


Jennefer Resko is one of the most giving and helpful women WE know. She is eager to lend a hand and knows that its in those outstretched hands that positive, uplifting things get done. In additon to being a Lifetime Member of Women in Ecommerce™, Jennefer is one of the newest ambassadors for Women in Ecommerce™ and we are delighted to make her our Member of the Month for March!

Jennefer will be recognized at our March 2012 Women in Ecommerce™ meeting taking place om March 29th at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale.

For more information about Jennefer Resko, check out her two sites and 3-15 Documentation Group