Meet Nicole Graham,Founder & Director, Bauhinia Solutions Virtual Support, Global Ambassador to China

Originally from Australia and now living in Hong Kong, Nicole Graham is a successful coach, facilitator and empowerment advocate.

Nicole’s journey to where she is today has been a varied and interesting one. She worked in a number of administration and secretarial roles before realising her passion was helping people further develop themselves personally and professionally. With over 15 years experience in the corporate Training and Development field, Nicole has worked in a range of industries from corporate learning centres, to health care, hospitality and finance. Her career started out teaching people how to use the computer and when she left Australia she specialised in human resource development and change management.

Nicole believes that learning is a life long process, whether it is formal education, personal development workshops or learning from life experiences. Her qualifications are extensive with a Certificate in Marketing, a Certificate in Small Business Management, a Diploma in Business (Frontline Management), Certificate in Workplace Assessment and Training, a Bachelor in Adult Education (majoring in Human Resource Development). She is also a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Past Life Coach, Goddess Facilitator and Reiki Master.

Nicole’s passion still lies in helping people further develop themselves, however today she’s more focused on helping women become empowered and inspired. Her business, The Modern Goddess ( and offers a range of services face-to-face as well as online, and includes workshops for women, women’s events, business and personal coaching. She also manages her own online store,

One of Nicole’s latest achievements is launch of a guided writing journal with a companion CD which she designed and developed with her journal partner, Tara Spicer. The ‘Journal for the Modern Goddess’ is described as beautiful and empowering. It and future journals can be purchased through their website,

Nicole’s other sites are: – is a program that supports women with online businesses and business blogs. The program aims to increase the traffic, comments and links to the members blogs, which in turn increases the popularity of the members blogs. One blog is chosen each week to whammy. – is a site dedicated to supporting the women in her local community by promoting their businesses. The site lists their products and services, with the aim of some day opening a community centre that is run by women, for women. The centre is for all women, local and expatriates, where they can meet, connect and support each other.

In amongst all this, Nicole has time to travel with her husband, lounge around with her 2 big furry cats, socialise with friends and have her own time which she calls “me” time. She is also learning to paint using mixed-media and starting to get back into her beading.

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