Women in Ecommerce™ is delighted to announce our Member of the Month for November to you. Dr. Karen Gray is a retired anesthesiologist who today specializes in bringing joy, serenity and beauty to your home environment! 

A strong supporter and Platinum Member of Women in Ecommerce™ Dr. Karen shows up for every meeting when she’s in town in Fort Lauderdale and she does more than that. She can always be counted on to purchase a vendor table to display her products to our members and guests, supporting our efforts to raise additional funds for programs and services to Women in Ecommerce™ both locally and internationally as well.


More about Dr. Karen: Her home-based business, Luv Candlz, is a division of Partylite gifts, a company well known for the finest quality candles and home décor. These products are too good to be sold in stores; they are available online at www.partylite.biz/karengray , or preferably by home party, as there is an incredible incentive program for party hostesses! Monthly specials, FREE products, half price items, and most of all, a chance to have a girls’ night in with all of your friends, are just some of the many benefits to hosting a Partylite show. She is also always looking for help, if you are interested in a fabulous income opportunity and a fun way to meet people! It truly is “All About the LUV!”

Speaking of LUV…..Dr. Gray does more than sell candles! She is a proud mom of two wonderful teens, a daughter at Boston University and a son at St. Thomas Aquinas, here in Fort Lauderdale where she makes her home. Suddenly widowed at the age of 46, she is no stranger to loss in life, and is in the process of writing a book about love and loss. www.itsallabouttheluv.com, a website with a blog attached, is her personal website and a forum for others to share their own experiences with any kind of loss, be it a spouse, parent, child, pet, friend, career, or other life changing event. Karen Gray is a firm believer in the Biblical principle of sustaining joy through all of life’s circumstances.

Karen has other interests as well…..one of which includes singing as a cantor at 2 Catholic churches. She has been involved with music ministry for most of her life, and is currently putting together a contemporary group for one of the churches. In her spare time she enjoys travel, and has been able to take her children to many parts of the world, enhancing their education through life experience. While at home, the family enjoys the company of their two dogs, an old Chocolate Lab and a young Great Swiss Mountain Dog. Karen’s hobbies at home include fashion and home décor, which is how she fell in love with Partylite!

You can get to know Karen by booking her for your very own Partylite show….and get some amazing free products in the process! Email is the best way to reach her at luvcandlz @ comcast.net, but you can also call her at (954)608-2108.