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Sheila Finkelstein, Personal Coach and Photographer and the creator/owner of several websites is a true internet entrepreneur and artist. In fact, Sheila can often be seen carrying her point-and-shoot and digital cameras wherever she goes. Discovery and play resulted in her current Photo/Drawing prints, which she has developed during the past several years.

Walking, focussing on images in Nature, and making unique discoveries, these are the things Sheila knows she can count on to enliven and enrich her life. . . Backyard birds consisting of snowy white egrets and other tropical assortments surround her San Marco home and are constant subjects of Sheila’s camera.

Sheila’s Photo/Drawing prints are wonderful, blowups of nature scenes photographed by Sheila, painstakingly recreated with her pen-line drawn on the existing photo to bring out the natural beauty of each of her subjects. Colorful flowers, wildlife scenes, birds, etc. Sheila’s Photo/Drawing art is also adapted to tiles, beautifully colored tiles that can be used to decorate any place in your home, trivets or inlaid flowered tiled boxes for your jewelry or your favorite things.

Sheila loves people and their stories, and telling stories through her work. She has been a member of Women in Ecommerce™ for several years (since 2006) and is a member of the Ruby PAC North, a Mastermind Group to help our members grow their business exponentially and achieve their goals with the help of a group of women who keep them accountable in more ways than one.

You can read more about Sheila Finkelstein in this interview here: http://www.sheilafinkelstein.com/interview-SanMarco.html

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What Women in Ecommerce™ finds amazing about Sheila is that many women who are of retirement age do just that. Retire. Not Sheila. She is constantly reinventing herself and her businesses. She is one of our most valued members and a true role model to what is possible at ANY age.

Congratulations to our September Member of the Month, a fitting choice for our 10 year anniversary celebration!