If you are out and about and looking for something to do nearby, a quick search on your smartphone will yield plenty of results. Research from Google has shown that there has been a 34X increase in “near me” searches since 2011. This popular search has also nearly doubled in the last year alone. What is even more valuable about this information is that 50% of people who searched this phrase on their smartphone ended up visiting a store, while 18% made a purchase within 24 hours.

Living in Micro-Moments

Many people who search for something nearby while on the go are looking for immediate satisfaction. This includes doing something new, watching something entertaining, learning a new hobby, or buying something in the area. Once an idea or need for something arises, all a potential customer needs to do is whip out a smartphone and head towards the closest establishment that offers the desired product or service.

Google has created a term for this behavior, naming such activities “micro-moments.” Shopping in the moment is proving to be even more lucrative for business owners who have learned to adjust to these new trends.

Preparing for Customer Spontaneity

Local businesses will need to find ways to accommodate more customers who are rapidly searching for products and services near them. People who are using their smartphones looking for something to suit their immediate requirements need to be catered to in a specific way. This type of action will help these potential new customers get what they are looking for sooner and enhance their shopping experience, and will also help the company construct much better brand preferences.

Here are some ways companies can use this knowledge and adapt to this growing trend in nearby searches for their services.

* Determine how customers interact with what you are selling via their smartphones when in range of your business.
* Figure out the best way to be present for customers when they are looking for the services or products you provide. This includes being present on the social media channels where you customers “hang out”.
* Provide comprehensive and accurate information about your location, hours, inventory or service availability, and prices.
* Track the impact of traffic acquired through your services digitally.

Catering to on-the-go consumers who are in the area and looking for your brand is another sure way for your business to stay ahead of the game. The best thing you can do is to be flexible and meet the needs of immediacy and relevance in this rapidly growing search trend.

Businesses and customers are now being linked even closer together at a much higher rate in a shorter amount of time. It is to your advantage to familiarize yourself with the research Google has provided as a way to increase your exposure and enlarge your customer base. It will also help you connect with your existing customers, as well as create a higher level of trust with local prospects in your area.