Host Webinars, teleseminars –  Women in Ecommerce™ recommends Audio and Video as another way to promote your business virtually by hosting webinars and/or teleseminars. There are tons of free or nearly free options for teleseminars and inexpensive options for webinars.  We use for our teleconferences and Hot Conference for our webinars.

Webinars and Teleseminars are a great way for your audience to get to know you better virtually. They are an excellent way to showcase your expertise in a friendly, yet professional environment.  And one of the most effective ways to market and promote your website inexpensively!

Webinars and telesminars are interactive and you meet some great people in real time.  People look forward to your “shows” and you develop a regular following of loyal fans. You have expertise that other people are interested in! You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t. Why not share that expertise and promote your business at the same time?

With  the power of marketing and hosting virtual events you begin to build a strong and positive reputation, increase credibility and increase your own “circle of influence” in the marketplace.  And there are dozens of ways to do so with little or no investment.  In addition to the FREE services we use (they offer a free trial to test-drive the system). Women in Ecommerce™ likes because it has many options to promote, store and save the audio files which works great if you plan to create a series of events and possibly “bundle” and sell them down the line. And there is never any interference on the lines as there are with many of the FREE services available.

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Here are some Web Conference Rooms to check out:

Dimdim ~ web conferencing. Easy, open, affordable. Collaborate and share voice, video, slides, whiteboard, even your desktop. No downloads required to host (Free to Fee)

Hot Conference is the most innovative and reliable conferencing software … Customer networking in live chat rooms. (30 day trial)

GoToMeeting Reliable, easy, effective web conferencing and online meetings. Work with anyone, anywhere. Virtually market your business using GoToMeeting

WebEx ~ online meetings and remote PC control. Conduct Unlimited Online Meetings for One Low Flat Rate. Try it FREE! Another great way to market your website virtually.

Yugma ~ FREE Web Conferencing, online meetings and web collaboration services for Mac, Windows and Linux. Easy, interactive, and secure. Has everything you need.

*This article was excerpted from Promoting Your Business on the WEB Special Report about marketing your business using a variety of tactics such as webinars and teleseminars listed in this article.