THE Women of Wisdom “GET” Series

Have you heard about the  WOMEN of WISDOM GET SERIES™ eBook Projects?

Our Members and guest experts have found the GET SERIES™ to be an excellent way to promote their products and services. If you have not published a book, but have written articles, you too can be a part of these exciting compilations/anthology ebook projects ~ a true member benefit. If you have written books and are looking for additional ways to promote your writing, your products and your services, join today  and participate in an upcoming edition.

The Details

Women in Ecommerce/Women of Wisdom are now accepting article submissions for several upcoming eBook projects and need YOUR help! These eBooks are designed for contributors to give away as a free incentive on your own Websites, via email, in your own marketing campaigns and more.

"Women of Wisdom Book Anthologies The Get Series"

These eBooks can be BRANDABLE with your own “welcome” page at the beginning of the book (or exit page, if you prefer) which can include more about you and additional website links.

Many of our eBooks are based upon our virtual event topics. For instance when we hosted our first Women’s Wealth summit, we asked for submissions for our ebook project GET RICH ~ The Woman’s eguide to Building Wealth.

For each contribution, your name and primary site link will get listed. In addition there is an Authors Section at the end of the eBook lists contributing authors for each individual eBook.In case you were wondering, as each book project is announced, we will also announce the topic areas and focus of the individual books.

One of the things that make our books different is that for the most part they are “evergreen.” Which means most of the information included is timeless and has a long shelf-life.  That’s how we envisioned these ebooks. To be around helping our authors promote their own endeavors for a long time.  In cases where the information is not evergreen, we can easily edit and update the ebooks to meet current audience needs and expectations.

Here’s what some of our member authors have said about participating in our eBook projects:

Thank you Heidi, for this opportunity to share what I’ve learned and become acquainted with a new group of bright, successful and goal-driven individuals.You have just reminded me of an amazing marketing tool – “gift-wrapping” your informational packages for added value and a very personal, audience-tailored feel. This is something that large corporations do all the time. It’s a wonderful way for powerful brands to become co-aligned in their mission and it’s perfect for the web-based business owner as well.” – Dina Giolitto, Web Copywriter and Author of “Article Power: Create Dynamite Web Articles and Watch Your Sales Explode” –

Dear Heidi, many thanks for this opportunity, and for including my submission.” – Louisa Bird – Women’s Marketing Forum

In addition to articles/individual chapter topics we are also accepting resources appropriate to the subject matter of the eBook. Feel free to contribute resources you consider of value to the reader. These resources can be virtual or real and can be free or fee based.  If they are fee-based, please let us know when submitting.

Being part of The GET SERIES is by invitation only. You may fill out a contact form on our contact us page to inquire. Be sure to include your website url, your full name, any writing experience you have as well as the title(s) you wish to contribute to.


Qualified Members in good standing are invited to submit content to upcoming editions. 

For a sample of our Published eBooks, click on any of the following links:


GET MORE BUSINESS -The Women’s eMarketing Guide to Promote Your Products andServices on the Internet

GET RICH ~ The Woman’s eguide to Building Wealth

GET IT WRiTE! The Woman’s eGuide to Writing, Publishing and Promoting Your Book  (recently revised)

GET MEDIA SAVVY!– The Ultimate eGuide to Promote Your Products, Services and Ideas to the World

Be sure to read the Submission  Guidelines  for more information!

Read our Author Testimonials and Reader Testimonials

CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT EBOOK PROJECT: GET SOCIAL ~ Using the Power of Social Networks to Expand Your Reach and Reach Your Goals.” The Ultimate Social Media Digest… 


Upcoming titles include:


  • GET LEADERSHIP SAVVY – Use the Power of Likability and Luck to Lead in Business Today!

  • GET MORE from Affiliate Marketing – Recruiting, Training, and Marketing Products and Services With a Team of Highly Motivated Marketers

  • GET SMART with a Membership WEBSITE to Grow Your Tribe and Your Bottom Line