Last month in the mail I received a direct-mail piece from a company promoting their website services for the holidays. I put it aside with every intention of reviewing. Yesterday I finally had the chance to check it out and thought it would make a good Resource of the Day for those women in ecommerce who have retail stores. It is called


You can list items for sale as long as you offer them at a 10% or more discount. To be eligible, you must have a physical retail location!

They offer a no cost risk free trial for first 3 listings.

There’s no cost to add your store and it only takes about 10 minutes. Once you’ve created your storefront, you’ll automatically recieve three (3) free listings so you can start posting those sale items!


#1. Create your store’s profile page.

• Provide basic information and optional links.

• Upload a photo of your storefront.

• Select your preferred payment method(s).

#2. List an item.

• Upload photo(s) of your sale item.

• Provide a brief description.

• Your listing will be on your store’s profile page on Little Independent for 30 days* or until you sell the item, whichever happens first.

#3. Sell!

After first 3 FREE listings the cost is:

1 item for $3

• 5 for $12.50 ($2.50 each)

• 20 for $40 ($2.00 each)

• 50 for $75 ($1.50 each)

If you have a storefront and would like to test a new site for retail sales online, it’s a free service (while the site is in beta) and Women in Ecommerce recommends you give it a try!