Women’s Ecommerce Days

International Women’s ECommerce Days Celebrates Women’s Economic Impact on the World!


"Women in Ecommerce Days"As I am sure you know, with control of nearly 80% of the world’s wealth (and as the saying goes, “access to the other 20%”), women are the major decision makers when it comes to most purchases both offline and online. The number of women entrepreneurs in Europe alone has tripled in the last 10 years and in North America more than 50% of all small businesses are women-owned. And small businesses employ more people than all the fortune 500 companies combined. AND women in universities now account for 60% of the total number of registrations – not to mention the faculty which in many cases is made up primarily of women. And who helps the boss make day-to-day buying decisions in many companies – the boss’s assistants. Who are these assistants? Mostly women. To celebrate our Economic Impact on the world, International Women’s ECommerce Day was created.

During the third week in September we invite ALL women around the globe to make a statement and demonstrate this economic impact and purchasing power. How will we do that? By encouraging women around the world to make a purchase on the internet during International Women’s ECommerce Day, sending media releases to the media on all five continents, and coordinating with more than 350 partnering organizations made up of more than 1.2 million members around the world to spread the word about the event. Men can help too! By making an online purchase from companies owned by women.

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If you wish to host a get-together on that day and celebrate International Women’s ECommerce Days, Women in Ecommerce will list your organization in our media releases, sending you copies to distribute to your media contacts as well as include you on a special page of our website and include information what your organization is doing to impact women in business and how you are celebrating and promoting the event. If you would like help in planning an event, or If you and your organization are interested in participating in and promoting this global event this year, contact Heidi Richards Mooney – Heidi (at) wecai.org. Please include your name, contact information, organization name and website URL and and a brief description of what your organization is doing (under 100 words please).

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