On your website you will also need to create landing pages. A landing page is a page which people land on due to clicking through a certain link such as a link on an article, in a bio under an article, from an advertisement and other places. It’s important to create specialized landing pages to help your audience learn more about what you have to offer.

Landing pages offer your audience something other pages on your website can’t.

  • Fewer Distractions – Due to the layout of a landing page, there are fewer distractions, no blog, no other navigation, and no side bars. This makes the information at the center of the page the most important.
  • Targeted – Each landing page is made with one product or service being promoted, and is targeted based on from where the audience clicked through. For example, if you placed a guest article that moms might read, then your landing page needs to be focused on moms.
  • Specific – Each landing page recommends one specific product or service that solves one specific problem for the audience that lands on it. Keeping it more specific is the best way to get your message to the right people.

Landing pages need specialized types of copywriting that converts people who are reading to buyers. You may consider hiring a copy writer to help you create the right type of copy for those pages.

Getting the Word Out

Once you have a good service website that you’re proud of, you will need to get the word out about your page and your services before anyone will click on your website link and go to your website.

  • Build Expertise – Use social media, eBooks, print books and more to build the public’s perception of your abilities and expertise. Volunteer to lead discussions on Blab.im, Google Hangout, and Blog Talk Radio. Conduct interviews; create podcasts, blog posts, and more to get the word out about your knowledge.
  • Promote Your Website – Put your website link on your business card, on your social media networks, and in blog posts. Use the link in your social media sites to bring them to your website. Every chance you can mention your website without being spammy.
  • Create Lead Magnets – A well-made lead magnet can bring your audience right to you. Make something only your audience wants and needs that solves at least one of their problems. Make it just as special as you would anything that you would sell.
  • PPC – One great way to bring people to your website faster is to run a few pay per click campaigns. You can easily create them on Facebook. Facebook has over 1.19 billion active users, if you can’t find your audience there, you probably can’t find them.

Getting the word out about your website and your services will take a little work. It may take some thinking outside the box. But, if you’ve done your job right, created a targeted website that gives the right information to your audience you will succeed.